Mobile Applications for the Garden: 4 apps that help you grow

Nowadays the rare one is the one who goes to the garden without his mobile, since he can entertain himself on the way or to notify someone who has to take the hoe. For this reason, information technology and apps are not leaving farmers aside and there are already several apps on the market that can be very useful. Today we want to recommend 4 good mobile applications for the garden that will help you a lot when planning it and keeping track of the cultivation tasks.

In this article we will review some of these mobile applications for the garden, both for Android or Apple, which are more relevant in our opinion.


It is an application designed for urban gardens, which we can find for Android and for Apple. With an experience of several years, iHuertingApp will help all of us who need a little help in our garden.

iHuerting App

First we choose which varieties we are going to plant and the application will give us a description of the plant. Once chosen, the application will organize the tasks such as irrigation or when to fertilize.

As for pest control, iHuertingApp will help us since it has a database, and by entering the visual symptoms it will give us the disease. Then he will recommend the best and most natural solution. Another good option that it has is that it allows you to connect with other people who have the application and you can share different experiences.

Here is the link to the iHuerting website.

2. Eco-garden

This application, which you can only find for Android, is developed by Garden Droid and is a great advisor. Why? Because you will be able to find a good number of suggestions so that you do not buy anything and you can recycle anything and also gain self-sufficiency. The maxim of this application, as its general description says, is to give you advice:

So that you can make yourself many of the necessary tools and supplies

This mobile application is also personalized with the user, since we configure our profile and Ecohuerto adapts to us. Level of knowledge or the climate are some of the data that they ask us to facilitate their use.

You will also find in this application an agenda that will warn you when you have to water or where you can jot down notes. In addition, small guides are included on how to start a garden with terraces, learn about and use composting and recipes to prepare treatments for plants. Something that you can read in Ecohuerto, unlike other applications, are proverbs and popular sayings.

I leave you the Google Playstor link for Ecohuerto so that you can download the Agenda Ecohuerto application for free .

3. Your garden at home

Another of the applications that will help us to start making an urban garden on a small surface, be it a parcel or the terrace of our house. The «Your garden at home» app can only be found for Android at the moment. The application is free and we can find the following sections, as its author describes in Google Playstore:

HOW TO START the garden? Section dedicated to telling you things like the basic tools to start, where to plant, how to do it, what soil to put, how to water it or how to orient, as much as possible, the garden.

– WHAT CAN I PLANT NOW? Section divided into months where you can see what plants you can plant that month.

– LIST OF PLANTS: complete list of plant files arranged alphabetically for better use. Each file describes how it is sown, planted, watered, light, etc…

The application is growing little by little and right now it has a very interesting database, which can advise you on planting: Swiss chard, cabbage, pennyroyal, tomato…

Application Your garden at home

4. Flowerpot

Another of the free mobile applications that you can find for Android or iPhone. It is developed by Cero Ideas Mobile Content Development and was the first application for orchards in Spanish. It is very focused on the development of orchards in small spaces, so for many of you, Macetohuerto may be the ideal application.

It has a great content of information to start planting, from types of vegetables, properties, types of crops, information on substrates and how to handle them, tips for irrigation…in addition to informative videos.

Flowerpot application

The images are very colorful and simple.

These are 4 of the best mobile applications for the garden that we can find to start cultivating at home. We can find more applications of this style such as: Your garden from scratch, Garden Manager, The Plant Doctor, How to care for plants/gardens, Garden Time Planner, Gardening Manager…

In future articles we will talk about more applications of this style as well as others that are not only limited to starting a garden, but also; also other more specific applications to delimit the land in an area, garden calendars…

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