Mother’s Day Flowers and Other Gifts She’ll Love

Giving flowers on Mother’s Day is one of those gestures that, year after year, we carry out as part of our tradition. It is not only a way to honor the one who gave us life. It is also a way to commemorate her day, using her hidden language. It is enough to know what it means to give flowers to understand to what extent they are essential on her day. Doing so is synonymous with admiration, respect and affection: three aspects that, especially in their day, take on a unique meaning.

Although we could consider it a modern tradition, the truth is that giving flowers on Mother’s Day is a centuries-old custom. Finding its origins takes us back to nothing less than Ancient Egypt. A moment in history in which the goddess Isis, a deity linked to the reproductive force of nature, was venerated with flowers. Far from being an isolated event, this same tradition was also part of cultures such as the Greek and Roman. And so, in a way inherited over the centuries, it would settle completely until it became a date marked by fire on the calendar.

Tradition or not, Mother’s Day flowers are a must-have gift to celebrate her day. But it is not the only one: although flowers are the protagonists, it is also a perfect day to give a treat to that mother who, even as adults, still takes care of us.


Regardless of ancient history, giving flowers for Mother’s Day has its own explanation. We might ask why flowers, and the answer is simple: flowers are a symbol of the fertility of nature. Not only are they a symptom of good health in plants, but also, thanks to them, ecosystems continue to exist. If we have ever considered how to attract pollinating insects to the garden, we will have discovered that flowers are the key. Flowers are the root of life, in the same way that any mother is. How not to honor your celebration with them?

Find here all our ideas and flowers for Mother’s Day

Since Mother’s Day is a recurring date on the calendar, being original in our gifts is usually our goal. For this reason and apart from the classics, we want to propose five ideas with which to surprise and, above all, make you smile.

1. A different bouquet, an original way to give flowers for Mother’s Day

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If there is a usual gift for this date, it is the bouquets for Mother’s Day. And, although it is true that the rose is the perfect candidate for this type of arrangement, it is not the only flower that will dazzle our mother. Stand out with something different without breaking with the classics by opting for other compositions in which plants such as hydrangea flowers, tulips or even irises capitalize on the bouquets.

Going one step further, another perfect option is dry and freeze-dried bouquets. An alternative to fresh flowers that has a unique advantage: it is a gift that will last over time. Ideal to remember, without an expiration date, your day.

2. An outdoor plant, an excellent proposal for gardening mothers

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There are many ways to give flowers for Mother’s Day. And, without a doubt, the range of outdoor plants that we have at our disposal does nothing but make things easier for us. Bougainvillea, hydrangeas or scented rose bushes are some of the most spectacular proposals for this date.

A way to give life but also a perfect option for those mothers who enjoy the beauty of nature in the garden, the terrace or even the balcony.

3. An indoor plant with covers, perfect for mothers who decorate with plants

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Knowing how to decorate the house with plants is something that many mothers have mastered. We refer to those women who love indoor plants, and for whom there is always room for one more. Those women who enjoy turning spaces into small gardens where nature is always present.

For them, a gift that is always welcome is a plant with a pot cover that makes it stand out even more. An essential accessory to decorate it, and turn it into a unique gift.

4. A gift of ecological cosmetics, for those who do not want flowers for Mother’s Day

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Discover in depth what natural cosmetics is, it is the best way to understand how much declaration of intent there is in such a gift. An ideal option if we want to get away from the classic flowers for Mother’s Day, and that implies love and care. Something that she has given us and gives us; and that, many times, she has forgotten to apply for herself.

Choosing a gift like this will allow you to take care of your beauty but also your body. A way to ensure your health, physical and emotional.

5. An experience for the palate, ideal for gourmet mothers

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A whim for mothers who love the little pleasures in life. Giving an organic wine as a gift is always a fantastic ideal. But why not combine that delight with something as delicious as, say, chocolate? A tandem that surprises and makes you enjoy in equal parts.

Five ideas to commemorate your day. Five ways of understanding life and honoring that it is part of ours.

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