Orchid care in winter

They are one of the most desired plants by flower lovers. Despite this, the question often arises as to what are the care of orchids in winter. A question that arises, especially when we think that most of them (despite being already acclimatized outside their original habitats) are of tropical origin. Something that marks, to a large extent, their care but also what are the precautions that we must take with them during the cold months.

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The curious thing is that, despite being considered fragile plants, orchids are much more resistant than we imagine. Hence, the care of orchids in winter is specific and is based on helping them to maintain themselves in these months in which the temperature drops and which also involves the numbness of the plant.

Thus, to enjoy them, there is nothing like discovering what aspects we should pamper during the winter to enjoy their greatest gift: flowering.


Naturally, these months are marked by a drop in temperature. Something that we will have to watch closely since, although it depends on the type of orchid, in general its well-being is compromised below 10 degrees Celsius. A good reason not only for us to keep them inside our home, but also to prevent them from being exposed to any draft (especially if it is cold, as it could damage their leaves).

And, although the leaves may seem trivial to us, the truth is that during the winter they are precisely the only representatives and guardians of our plant. In the cold months, the orchid needs to save its energy to protect itself from it but also to be able to spend it when temperatures begin to rise in what involves the greatest energy expenditure of the plant: flowering.

The usual thing is that during these months we do not enjoy its flowers. Even so, if our plant has a floral stem that remains alive, we will not cut it until we see how it evolves because it can surprise us (if it is comfortable in an environment that recreates its needs, regardless of the cold outside).

And it is that one of the care that can make an orchid feel comfortable is to have a good amount of light during the winter. One of the scarcest goods of this season but absolutely necessary for the health of the orchid. Hence, we have to ensure that the plant receives the greatest amount of daily light, a good reason even to change our orchid site looking for a more illuminated space (yes: one that is free of cold and drafts).


As we saw recently in this other post, irrigation is one of the most delicate cares in orchid cultivation. And we say delicate because its excess can cause the plant to compromise its health to the point of death. If during the rest of the year it is a vital aspect, it takes on an even greater dimension during the winter.

Keep in mind that the temperature does not help a correct drying of the roots of the orchids. An important reason why this irrigation that we control on a regular basis is even more scarce in these months. As always, we will be guided by the color of its roots to know when is the right time to water; and, in addition, we will always try to water in the mornings (to play with the temperature of the day in its watering) and always removing any excess water (something that will help us fight against fungi, the greatest enemies of the orchid, especially in the months of cold).

Finally, the winter months can be a good time for a transplant since we will not be hindering or delaying the growth of the flowers with this stress. Thanks to the transplant, we will be giving the orchid a new substrate (remember that it will always be a specific one for orchids) and without weighing it down, which will also contribute to the correct drainage of the irrigation.

And, although it may seem to us that it is a good time to apply a specific fertilizer, whether revitalizing or flowering, the truth is that we can reserve it for when winter begins to come to an end. In this way and in the face of spring, we will be helping the orchid to wake up from winter and to reactivate its vegetable cycle.

A way to pamper her and prepare her for the most important moment of the year, the one in which an orchid shows off its flowers and delights us with the incredible beauty of its company.

And what do you do to take care of your orchid in winter? Tell us!

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