Planting holly: how to do it correctly

It is one of the quintessential symbols of Christmas, and one of the most beautiful outdoor plants that exist despite its simplicity. However, planting holly is usually a recurring question for lovers of this beautiful bush that can grow to the size of a real tree. But you won’t do it alone: ​​achieving this scope requires knowing your needs thoroughly.

Let’s start by making something clear. Holly care does not entail a great complication, but it does have specific demands that we have to consider in order to enjoy one of its benefits: its longevity. And, although planting the holly may seem like a minor task, it really has a lot to do with that prosperity that we look for in this type of shrub. Doing it correctly is crucial for its development, whether we plant it directly in the ground or decide to plant holly in a pot.

Therefore, nothing like knowing some essential aspects to plant the holly. A task that will have a big impact! in your good health.


Beyond considering how to transplant a plant correctly, there are a few more details to consider when planting holly. Although it is a rustic species with low demands, a good part of the future well -being of our plant lies in the place of planting and the way of doing it. Therefore, nothing to get home with the pot and transplant it without thinking. In the case of holly, as in that of many other plants, we will have to be a little more cautious.

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And nobody should be scared: planting it correctly does not mean having great knowledge of gardening, nor knowing advanced techniques. It is enough to know in depth what this shrub requires, and put it into practice at the time of planting.

1. Soil depth, essential for planting holly

As we said before, the holly can reach spectacular dimensions. But to be able to do that, you’ll need to be able to root downward without encountering opposition to your growth. Therefore, before planting it, we have to make sure that the place where we do it has enough depth for it.

It is also important that when preparing the planting space that we dig a hole larger than the size of the plant with the root ball. In this way we will be favoring the roots to find loose soil to be able to establish themselves without problems.

2. Shaded location, another vital aspect

And yes, you read correctly: it is vital. Holly is one of the quintessential cold hardy shrubs, and it has no problems even in extreme temperatures. However, it does not have the same tolerance for high temperatures. What’s more: the direct and strong sun typical of the warm months is one of its main enemies.

For this reason, and with your well-being in mind, it is essential to look for a semi-shaded or even shaded location. If you can be protected from the sun by nearby trees or bushes it will not hurt either.

3. The time to plant holly, another factor to consider

Another crucial detail for its correct development. What’s more: despite its rusticity, the holly is a shrub that suffers greatly from transplants. For this reason, we not only have to plan the planting site very well, but also take into account when is the best time.

To prevent our holly from repotting, the ideal time to plant holly is late winter. On the one hand, you will have the cold you need for your well-being; and, on the other, it will be in a moment of growth. If for whatever reason we couldn’t wait until then, another option would be to plant holly in the fall. If you do it at this time, it may happen that our plant loses its leaves. Despite the alarm, it is highly probable that our holly will grow again without problems.

4. Fresh and slightly acidic soil, key for its development

It is, in fact, one of the main reasons why it does not prosper. When we consider planting holly, it is essential that we take care of the type of soil in which we are going to do it for two fundamental reasons. The first of all: that it requires a slightly acid soil.

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Apart from this, there is another reason to pay attention to the place of planting. Holly requires cool, loose, well-drained soil. For this reason and before planting it directly in the ground, it is essential to check that the land meets these three very specific demands.

And, although it is not very demanding in terms of nutrients, it does not hurt to enrich the soil with an organic amendment such as mulch.


It can! Logically it will not have the same development as when planted directly in the ground, but we can enjoy an extremely beautiful medium-sized bush.

Beyond contemplating the same considerations as if it were planted in the ground, there is a detail that we must assess: the size of the pot. If we want our holly to grow as it needs to, it will need to be a good size. Only then can it develop properly, and lay down its roots.

And what happens if it grows a lot and the pot is too small? Well, although Holly is not a lover of transplants, it is not serious. It would be enough to change it to a larger pot with an acidic and well-drained substrate.

Planting holly is easy and just requires some planning. Something that is well worth watching it grow and fill with color.

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