Plants that attract money and prosperity for the New Year

It is one of the classic rituals of the New Year: trying to make those new 12 months bring us abundance. A way of wanting to attract luck into our lives as part of the superstition of the year that is beginning. There are numerous theories that ensure that there are plants that attract money and prosperity. Some to which an invisible power is attributed that, out of passion for gardening or out of belief, should be known.

From a logical point of view, to think that there are plants that attract money and prosperity is shocking. But it is even more surprising to know that certain species have been considered talismans for even centuries. A fact that we can use, and not just because they are a magnet for abundance.There are many reasons to have plants. But if, in addition to enjoying them, they can be an amulet, better than better.

And no: unlike what happens with air purifying plants, there is no scientific evidence of any kind here. You simply have to surrender to faith. A good excuse to renew our plants and, incidentally, to discover new species.


Whether we believe in it or not, it is worth learning about the plants that attract money and prosperity. A way to make use of its magical powers. Or, if not, to discover more of the exciting world of plants. And it is that, beyond their beauty or our passion for them, knowing these unproven properties can make us choose them. Because how not to do it if they can improve our lives, attracting abundance?

So, superstition or curiosity, let’s see some plants that attract money and prosperity. A way to delve even deeper into the world of plants. But, also, to wink at centuries of popular tradition.

1. Basil, one of the most used plants that attract money and prosperity

It tops the list of plants that attract money and prosperity. Get your plant here

It is probably one of the most used plants that attract money and prosperity in abundance rituals. And not only that: in addition, he is presumed to have the ability to ward off negative energy. A perfect magical duo for a plant that also has important culinary uses. You can not ask for more!

Fully enjoying this plant requires knowing its basic care. In addition to demanding a good dose of sun, basil needs constant light humidity. But beware: let’s not confuse this with flooding, since the excess can kill it. The negative counterpart is that we are talking about an annual plant. So, whether we use it for cooking or for reasons of superstition, we will have to renew it every twelve months.

2. Jasmine, a beautiful scented climber

In addition to being precious, jasmine does not require great care. Get it in our online store

There are few plants that have as many attractions as jasmine. It is generous in its flowering, does not require great knowledge of gardening and has a unique perfume. As if all this were not enough, it is also part of the list of plants that attract money and prosperity. The perfect all in one!

Jasmine care is not demanding at all. We are talking about a rustic plant that can be grown in full sun or semi-shade; and that it does not even depend excessively on irrigation to survive. How to resist this complete climber?

3. Pachira, a highly ornamental plant

A perfect green plant to decorate any interior. Learn more about her

It is one of the most attractive green plants. And, added, it is also part of the list of easy-care plants. Its sharp blades are not its biggest draw. Actually, it resides in its braided trunk. A detail that makes it a perfect plant to decorate any interior.

When reviewing the care of the pachira, you have to be careful with one: the temperature. We are talking about a tropical plant that does not tolerate cold. A note to keep in mind to prolong your life.

4. Pilea peperomioides, the Chinese fortune plant

It is not only the most famous plant on Instagram: it is also on the list of plants that attract money and prosperity.Find it in our online store

In just a few years, the pilea peperomioides has become the star of social networks for good reason. It is extremely photogenic, intensely green and perfect for any interior design. Beyond this, it has another lesser-known virtue: it is one of the plants that attract money and prosperity. What’s more: its nickname is the Chinese money plant. Everything is said!

Beyond beautiful, pilea peperomioides care is not complicated. It demands indirect sun exposure, regular watering and a temperature away from the cold. Enough to see how it grows at a good pace.

5. Lucky bamboo, another fortune magnet from the East

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Its name says it all: lucky bamboo. And not only because it attracts fortune, but also because it is one of the Zen plants capable of bringing positive energy to a home. Two reasons to enjoy this plant, which are added to a third: how incredibly simple its care is.

To get ahead, this type of bamboo only requires two things: good light and rigorous water hygiene. Reasons that make it one of the indoor plants to have in the bathroom.

6. Crassula, one of the plants that attract money and prosperity according to feng-shui

Perfect for little seasoned in gardening. Find out more about this plant

It is not just one of the most beautiful succulents. In addition and according to the mandates of feng-shui, it is one of the essential plants in any home. Its main function: attract fortune. For it to fulfill its function, there is an important detail: it must be planted to the right of the entrance of the house and always facing north.

When it comes to their care, they are not complicated. It should be located in a place with a lot of sun, and maintain a moderate and weekly watering pattern.

7. Hanging Money Plant

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And we close our list of plants that attract money and fortune with one that leaves no room for doubt in its name. Also known as Swedish ivy, the money plant is one of the most popular plants in homes. And not only because of its supposed magical properties, but also because of the simplicity of its cultivation.

Despite his middle name, his origins are African. An origin that gives us the first clue in its cultivation: it needs light and warm temperatures. As a good fleshy plant, it is not demanding when it comes to watering. A moderate one a week in winter will suffice, and a more abundant one in the summer months.

How many of these plants that attract money and prosperity do you already have in your home?

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