Plants that bloom all year round, or almost!

It is one of the maxims of any gardening lover. Having plants that bloom all year round is the best way to fully enjoy nature beyond the calendar. And, although it is true that there are a good number of them, it is curious that many people still think that flowers are only the heritage of spring and summer. Breaking that myth happens, precisely, by knowing that selection of plants that can brighten our lives also in the cold months.

But it is not the only myth to banish. Because another common thing is to think that the plants that bloom all year are only indoor or even that they need to be planted in the ground. And again, no: there are a good number of them that can be grown in a pot and that, moreover, can be outdoors on a balcony, terrace or in a garden.

For this reason and in the same way that we look for resistant outdoor plants for the whole year, why not choose them, too, so that they give us the joy of their flowers?


Plants that bloom all year round

In general, plants that bloom all year round outdoors are resistant to changes in temperature and not very demanding when it comes to their care. However, be very careful: although some of them can withstand frost, in general these radical drops in temperature can take their toll. For this reason and whenever we choose outdoor plants, it is essential to know in detail what their demands are.

In addition to this, let us take one more detail into account. The variety of climates and temperature ranges in our country means that certain plants that bloom all year round do so in some areas and not in others. We must not think about mistakes when caring for plants: rather, we must think that the climate of the place where we live is not the most favorable for a certain plant.

1. Carnations, a beauty that is almost always in bloom

Enjoy one of the most generous plants that bloom all year round

You only have to review the care of the Clavelina to realize to what extent we are talking about an undemanding plant. The so-called Chinese Carnation only requires good light and an aerated substrate with efficient drainage. And no: although it is not part of the usual list of drought resistant plants, the truth is that its irrigation needs are minimal.

Be careful with this: it is precisely the excess of water that kills this beautiful plant that can be in flower during the 12 months of the year.

2. Joy, your name is the best clue

Know the details of cultivation of this plant

They bloom even in the depths of winter, filling the cold with their abundant and colorful blooms. Despite being a plant of modest size, the Alegría is ideal for growing in a pot but also for embellishing window boxes or flower beds.

Perfect for semi-shaded places with good light, they only require a relatively humid substrate in the hot months and weekly watering in winter. Of course: be very careful with temperature drops. Below 10 degrees, our Alegría will need mulching and even shelter. If the place where we live is very cold, we will have to grow it indoors.

3. Abelia, the bee-friendly plant

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Although it is in spring and summer when the Abelia is more generous, it is one of the plants that blooms all year round that we should not lose sight of. Beautiful representative of the bushes, to the beauty and aroma of its flowers we must add the perennial nature of its leaves.

To flower properly, it needs to be exposed to as much sun as possible.

4. Cyclamen, one of the year-round favorite outdoor plants

A plant that cannot be missing from your selection

It is one of the most amazing plants that exist. Although it begins to bloom in summer, it does not get along especially well with the heat and it does tolerate the cold without too many problems. Interestingly, with the arrival of spring, it can completely stop flowering unless we grow it indoors. How to achieve it? Knowing the care of the Cyclamen to lengthen its flowering.

As part of the bulbous plants that it is, it does not tolerate waterlogging very well, although it does require a slightly moist soil.

Plants that bloom all year round indoors

Due to a matter of temperature control, the number of plants that bloom all year round and that we can have inside the house is much larger. And it is logical: the conditions for growing indoor plants are substantially different from those outside the home. What’s more: it is essential to bear in mind that many of them are tropical plants, so they could not survive the rigors of winter outside our home.

So let’s see some proposals to enjoy, in any month of the year, flowers inside the house. Mostly simple care plants that will brighten our lives even on the grayest cold day.

1. African violet, a classic among plants that bloom all year round indoors

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They have been part of the natural decoration of homes for decades. The care of the African Violet is not demanding, although it is highly specific. In addition to growing it in a range between 17 and 21 degrees, it is essential not to subject it to waterlogging. Due to its origins, it does not tolerate waterlogging, so we will always avoid the classic gesture of leaving the base plate with water.

To ensure that it blooms all year round, it is crucial to fertilize it with liquid fertilizer on a regular basis.

2. Begonia, another beautiful indoor companion

Enjoy the beauty of its simple flowers all year round

The name begonia is an umbrella for a good number of varieties designed by nature to cheer us up. Added, being rigorous with the care of the begonia is a plant that will remain in flower throughout the year. It only demands a good dose of light, always indirect; and regular humidity in its substrate without puddles.

Two fundamental details for your well-being. On the one hand, a regular subscription with fertilizer for flowering plants. On the other, it is vital that it has a warm temperature: it does not tolerate cold, much less frost.

3. Kalanchoe, a perfect succulent for the interior

Include this beautiful fleshy plant among your indoor plants

It is one of the indoor plants par excellence, and more so for lovers of cacti and succulents precisely because of its flowering. One that we can enjoy in an incredible range of colors, and that contrasts greatly on its fleshy leaves.

Of simple cultivation, it demands a location with good light to be able to flourish. If he doesn’t get the amount he needs, he will drop his flowers.

4. Mini rosebush, another beautiful option

A way to enjoy the queen of the garden inside the house

Enjoying roses is not only for those who have a garden or terrace. In fact, and for those looking for indoor plants that bloom all year round, the mini or pitiminí rose is the best alternative. It will not only allow us to enjoy these incredible flowers in a small format. In addition, we can do it throughout the year.

To be able to bloom properly, the mini rose requires a good dose of light and a regular dose of fertilizer for flowering plants.

Which of these eight plants that bloom all year do you prefer? Hard choise!

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