Poinsettia and Princettia: the plants of Christmas

They are, par excellence, the two Christmas plants. Two plants that, with the arrival of this time of year, take on all the splendor of the colors that characterize them to not only honor the dates but also to give them a very personal natural color.

Poinsettia and Princettia are, after all, plants that are familiar to each other in terms of care and appearance. But also because they are the plants that, year after year, have their assigned space in our homes.

They have so many names that it is impossible to keep only one beyond the botanist. And it is that the Poinsettia and the Princettia are called, respectively, Christmas Star and Autumn Star but, also and in a much simpler and more popular way, Poinsettia.


Despite their botanical familiarity, it is important to know that there are differences between the Poinsettia and the Princettia, although these do not influence the way you grow them. And it is that, despite their differences, both the ones and the others are equally sensitive to excess irrigation and extreme environments (too hot or too dry).

Despite what is believed, the pink or red leaves are not its bloom but rather bracts that protect the flowers.

Beyond the fact that the color is quite a sign to identify them, it is important to know that the Princettia is actually a hybrid plant. Hence, its morphological differences with respect to the Poinsettia are delicate but real: in addition to having slightly smaller leaves than the Christmas plant, the Princettia is also more resistant.

And if there is something that differentiates them, it is that while the Princettia reaches the splendor of its color during the autumn (and extends it until the middle of winter), in the case of the Poinsettia its journey is shorter. Hence, its name still pays homage to its origins: our Easter Flower comes from, no less, Central America and was an emblematic flower of the Aztec culture (which was known as «the one that withers», due to the short duration of its coloration in the bracts).


Given the importance of both Poinsettia and Princettia as part of Christmas, they are also essential natural elements in any space to finish off the characteristic Christmas accent.

And there is nothing like appealing to creativity to find a perfect place for both plants in the Christmas decoration. Thus, we can consider having them not only as small living details, but also as elements of a centerpiece (even giving them prominence) or to create Christmas still lifes on the windowsill or even in the hall.

The only thing we will have to take into account is that, wherever we do, it is important that they have a stable temperature, good light and proper ventilation (avoiding drafts).

And what do you prefer, the traditional color of the Poinsettia or the originality of the Princettia?

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