Pond maintenance in summer

The arrival of good weather necessarily implies knowing the details of pond maintenance in summer. A season that lends itself to fully enjoying these small aquatic ecosystems, which are more than ever the stars of the garden. It is now when we can observe them in their maximum splendor but, also, when they will need our attention the most.

That heat that we humans like so much affects the balance of our pond. Not only does it make the fish, if they have them, more active with what that entails. In addition, rising temperatures are responsible for most types of pond plants to flourish. A wonderful spectacle that, however, can be detrimental to our ecosystem if we do not carry out the tasks that it demands in these hot months.

It is clear that summer is a season to be lived and enjoyed in peace. Therefore, there is nothing like knowing in detail the maintenance tasks for ponds for this time of year, and applying them rigorously.


As with other garden tasks such as lawn care in summer, this is the most demanding season when it comes to the pond. We are not only talking about its peak moment, but also about the most committed time of year for its well-being. For this reason and as part of our daily tasks, we will have to consider dedicating a few minutes to its maintenance.

A guarantee that both flora and fauna overcome the hot months and so that, in addition, the care of the pond in autumn is much easier to carry out.

1.Regular cleaning of the water, a fundamental task

If knowing how to keep the water in a pond clean is crucial at any time of the year, it is even more so in summer. Keep in mind that heat is also responsible for the proliferation of algae and weeds, both inside and outside the pond. Some bad companions for cleaning its waters but, above all, a real threat to its balance. Added to that, the fact that our riverside plants are in flower doesn’t help either: any remains of them that fall into the water will contribute to dirtying it.

One of the main tasks of pond maintenance is to ensure the proper cleanliness of the water. Get the ideal filter for your garden here

In addition to this, it is essential to check the filter on a regular basis. It is more than likely that they need regular cleaning since, even if we remove impurities from the water daily, part of them will have ended up in this type of device. Doing them a tune-up once a week will ensure that they can perform their function correctly.

2. Guarantee the oxygenation of the water, one of the keys to maintaining ponds in summer

A fundamental task of pond maintenance. A correct oxygenation of the water will maintain the balance of our pond but, above all, it will guarantee the life it houses. The increase in temperatures has a direct impact on the amount of oxygen in the water: the warmer the water, the less free oxygen there will be in it. Something that can compromise, above all, the life of the fish that inhabit it.

Beyond checking the oxygen in the water, we can anticipate this demand in different ways. If we opt for mechanical means, it will suffice to install an aerator or a waterfall. But if there is a natural and perfect method, that is to choose to have oxygenating plants. Its presence will prevent both excess carbon dioxide and the proliferation of algae.

3. Control the water levels, essential

Once again, a pond maintenance task closely linked to the increase in temperature. The heat and evaporation of the water will lower the level of our pond, even significantly. Something that can put both fish and plants at risk.

Avoiding it happens by checking the levels with the fall of the afternoon, and replenishing the missing water. It is important to use water devoid of chlorine and, preferably, at a temperature similar to that of the pond.

4. Monitor the feeding of our fish, a vital detail for winter

If we have fish in our pond, it is essential to continue with their usual feeding pattern. If we have already observed that there is always food left over, in summer more than ever we will have to control that it does not remain in the water for a few minutes. It will be a source of nitrates that will subtract life from the water.

It is also essential to review the diet of our fish. Since during the winter they will enter an almost torpor, it is in the summer when they accumulate resources that will allow them to stay healthy during the coldest season. Thinking about it, it is interesting to replace some of the two daily intakes with frozen fish food. A more complete diet than dry food, since it preserves all the original nutrients as it has not been processed.

And with these simple pond maintenance tasks, one thing is certain: we will enjoy our small aquatic ecosystem smoothly and in balance.

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