Prune a Jacaranda: [Importance, Time, Tools, Considerations and Steps]

Did you know that pruning jacaranda is part of the essential care to achieve a spectacular flowering every year?

Applying it is a task that will take you a certain process and some energy because it is a tree that usually grows a lot.

But we don’t want any worries around this stuff because the reality is that you can apply it even if you are a novice gardener.

Find your tools, arm yourself with courage and let’s get down to work because all the information you need is here.

Why prune the jacaranda?

The jacaranda is a species of ornamental tree that usually loses its leaves during the winter season. Actually, it is a tree that does better in hot climates because it is of tropical origin , so you must be very careful especially when it is young.


Pruning is one of the actions that helps it grow strongly , as you will be renewing its structure every time you apply it. This in turn facilitates the production of flowers is greater and, therefore, you have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful environment.

In health matters, pruning is an essential tool so that the jacaranda is free from any part that wants to affect it . Here elements such as brittle branches, suckers, dry leaves, among others, are counted.

When is it better to prune jacaranda trees?

As it does not resist frost while in good health, it would be very risky to prune it during this period. Therefore, it is best to wait until the arrival of spring when the warmth begins to feel and the jacaranda will be more comfortable.

What tools should we use when pruning jacaranda trees?

The pruning of the jacaranda will have to be applied with the appropriate tools according to the type of tree it is, focusing on its age. For a young jacaranda that is just beginning to form its structure, normal gardening shears will be the only thing you need.

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In the case of adult trees, you may need to supplement the scissors with a handsaw and even an electric saw depending on the branch you are going to remove.

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Take into account that for very tall trees you may also need a ladder . Regarding personal safety, it is better to work with gloves and protective glasses to avoid accidents.

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What considerations should we keep in mind when pruning jacarandas?

Pruning is an action that can be considered mandatory when the tree is young. The reason for this is that they need support to develop a single trunk that is capable of supporting the entire rear structure of the tree.

If not, it is most likely that several logs will emerge that they will fight to dominate. Another point to consider is that the jacaranda is a species that tends to produce numerous suckers when subjected to a wound.

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Then, it will not be worth just pruning to do it, you have to think about it very well so that you only make the cuts that are necessary. To achieve this objective, the most usual thing is to look at the tree from a distance that is appropriate to contemplate it in its entirety.

If we take into account that the basic structure of the jacaranda is in the shape of an umbrella, you will already have a general idea of ​​what you must do to achieve this result.

How to prune a jacaranda without damaging the tree?

Since we have detailed all the information above, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived: stand in front of the jacaranda and start the work. Ideally, proceed through the following steps:

  1. Eliminate all parts that affect the structure and health of the tree . This means dry or diseased branches, suckers, branches that are colliding or entangled with each other.
  2. If it is a young jacaranda, prune enough to give it the appropriate base structure around a single trunk . In addition to that, you have to reduce the impact of flower buds by eliminating them so that the plant can focus its energy on growing properly.
  3. Reduce the number of branches in the crown if you notice that they are excessive . Although the ideal is that the pruning of the jacarandas is very light, it must be taken into account that a very heavy crown could become an element of risk. Therefore, it is better to reduce the weight and the chances that its branches begin to affect buildings (if the tree is close to one).
  4. Check if there are suckers that have been born after past pruning and remove them.
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With these actions you will have the opportunity to leave your jacaranda like new, waiting for the opportune time to enjoy its flowering. Remember that it is very important that it receives direct sunlight to motivate flowering, otherwise it will become very reduced.

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