Prune almond trees: [Importance, Time, Considerations and Steps]

There are several reasons why we are interested in pruning our almond trees:

  • Improves almond productivity.
  • Shape our trees.
  • Sanitizes the most affected parts of the almond tree.

In the following article we are going to show you the most important points that you must take into account when pruning an almond tree.

Can you come with us?

Why prune the almond tree?

Almond pruning responds to two basic needs that are common to almost all species:


It is the desire to have a tree that looks neat and clean. Although it is a fruit tree and does not fulfill an ornamental function mainly, it is not the idea that it looks ugly and with many branches protruding in all directions.


It is perhaps the most important reason because pruning helps to rejuvenate trees and therefore has a positive impact on fruit production.

When to prune the almond tree?

The pruning of the almond tree will be carried out when the risk of frost has passed, at the end of winter.

This is a stage in which the tree is in a time of lethargy that will make it easier for it to focus all its energies on healing the wounds in order to later grow and produce.

After a harvest, a soft pruning is also usually applied, which serves to eliminate the shoots that have been generated and thus prevent them from developing.

What tools should we use to prune almond trees?

The tools for pruning the almendrón are the most basic that are usually required:

  • Pruning shears.
  • Saw.
  • Glasses.
  • Gloves.
  • Ladder, if the tree has very high branches.

Remember that all the tools that will have direct contact with the wounds must be previously disinfected.

What should we take into account when pruning almond trees?

The first thing will be to define the objective of the pruning , because in each stage of the tree a different one will be applied: formation, fruiting or restoration.The second step will be to analyze the structure of the tree in detail and assess a strategy that can be followed so that the process flows correctly.

Finally, gather all the tools before starting the task and use the necessary safety measures to reduce the risk of accidents.

How to prune almond trees without damaging the tree?

The pruning of the almond trees will be carried out according to the objective that has been defined before starting the work.

formation pruning

For training pruning, it must be taken into account that the tree is in full youth and that its growth will not respond to any parameter.

That is why your correct intervention will allow it to achieve an adequate structure, both visually and in terms of productivity.

This is a pruning that will have to be applied the first 4 years, defining very well the main branch and the secondary ones.

When this task is executed successfully, the result will be a good future production of fruits.

fruiting pruning

The fruiting pruning will begin when the tree is already bearing fruit and its planning is annual.

It is an intense pruning that seeks to eliminate all kinds of branches and parts that can affect the health of the plant, especially when consuming nutrients.

You have to cut suckers , branches that are not generating production or that are causing problems and, of course, those that are not in good health.

Of course, in this pruning, because it is stronger, it is necessary to take into account that the plant is well balanced, that one side is not heavier than the other.To assess the symmetry, it is good to step back a bit when finished and verify that it meets this requirement.

The last type of pruning is restoration and occurs in almond trees that are already in their old age phase, so to speak.

restoration pruning

With restoration pruning you will prevent the plant from losing its production capacity so soon, but rather give you a few more periods.

It is a fairly aggressive pruning because the idea is to motivate the renewal of vegetative production.

The fact is that the almond tree could be a bit delicate at this point and it is not always possible to recover, especially if it has been sick at some point.

However, trying it is not a problem because, in any case, reaching this type of pruning is an announcement that you should look for a new tree.We all love almonds and if you have a tree at home you are very lucky, so take advantage of all this information to pamper it as it deserves.

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