Prune Apricots: [Importance, Time, Considerations and Steps]

The apricot tree, like any other fruit tree, needs to have a series of pruning throughout its life.

These help a lot to have a better distribution of nutrients so that the tree is more productive.

Although it is not a difficult care to execute, it does have its technique to achieve good results in the appropriate time.

Do you need to have the correct information to work safely? Congratulations because here we leave you just what you need.

Why prune the apricot?

Apricot pruning responds to different objectives, but all are framed in offering the tree a better condition.In the first instance, pruning helps to have a well-formed tree that occupies the right space.

It is key so that the nutrients of the plant are distributed to the main areas and that they are not lost in branches that do not contribute anything.

It makes it easier for light to penetrate to all parts of the tree , giving it vitality and promoting greater health. A similar case occurs with ventilation.The latter is essential to prevent the appearance of diseases, especially those of fungal origin that are usually caused by excess humidity.

And, regarding the production of fruits, pruning has a leading role in obtaining better quality fruits , both in size and flavour.

When is it better to carry out pruning of apricot trees?

Pruning should be done at the beginning of the year, either in late winter or early spring, but ensuring that there is no risk of frost.

During the course of the year, some branches that look in poor condition could be eliminated, but intense pruning should not be applied because it will be harmful. The reason is that the tree must concentrate all its energy on producing fruit and not on healing wounds.

What tools should we use to prune apricot trees?

To achieve an effective pruning of the apricot tree we need to have sharp gardening shears and disinfected with alcohol.It would be nice to have a hand saw to make it easier to cut thicker branches.

In case of working with branches that are very high, a ladder will also be needed to facilitate the work.Finally, there are personal protection. Apricot trees can develop pointed parts (like thorns) that are known as darts.

To avoid damage, it is better to work with glasses, gloves and a helmet . It is even worth wearing thick cloth clothing that covers all the arms.

What should we take into account when pruning apricot trees?

The first action you should take before taking the scissors in your hands is to assess the general condition of the tree.Here you will define aspects such as: branches that lose the structure of the crown, branches that are colliding with each other, very extensive branches, etc.

It is important to pay close attention to those parts that are in poor condition as they must be permanently removed regardless of where they are located.

How to prune apricot trees without damaging the tree?

The pruning of the apricot tree will be carried out since the tree is in development because it will help to give it a correct formation.In this case, the focus will be on the general structure of the tree, giving space to the main branches and controlling the secondary and tertiary ones.

When the apricot tree is already in its production phase, the pruning will focus on complying with the following steps:

  1. Remove all branches that are dry, misshapen or in poor condition . These are a focus of energy consumption that will not generate any benefit.
  2. Identify any suckers that are forming and cut them off as well to ensure that the energies are concentrated on the productive parts.
  3. Cut off branches that are overlapping each other and causing internal tangles.
  4. Reduce the size of branches that are excessively long even though they are productive. The reason is that it will be very difficult to collect the fruits at the same time that it will affect the general formation of the crown.

The reduction of branches that are productive is a practice that is applied to rejuvenate a tree that is already a little advanced in age.The idea is to cut all the branches, including the main ones, removing about 30 centimeters.

With this strategy, an apricot tree whose production has been reduced will get back into action.The delicious flavor of the apricot makes us wish that its production be very numerous and of excellent quality.

Pruning is not the only path that must be followed to enjoy this result, as fertilizers are also needed, for example, but it is an essential step.If you have an apricot tree at home, there will no longer be excuses for not having it in perfect health and ensuring that the fruit production is in the best conditions.

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