Prune Hyacinths: [Importance, Time, Tools, Considerations and Steps]

If you want a plant that offers beautiful blooms and an exquisite aroma, hyacinth is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Although pruning hyacinth is not one of the most complex tasks you will have when it comes to caring for your garden, it is worth being well informed before acting.

To that end, we have prepared this small guide that will help you know everything you need to comply with before and during the process.

So if you’re ready, let’s get down to business.

Why prune hyacinth?

Hyacinth pruning is one of the care that is usually recommended when the plant has already completed its flowering phase. Carrying it out will stimulate the production of a good quantity of flowers in the following period, also increasing their quality.

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In addition, it is necessary to point out that pruning is essential to rid the plant of all kinds of parts that are in poor condition.We cannot forget that when a plant is left with damaged parts, it can be a focus for the attack of fungi, viruses or bacteria.

When is it better to carry out hyacinth pruning?

The correct time is just when the flowering period is over, usually during the days of autumn.

However, if you live in an area that is known for having very cold winters with frequent frosts, wait until spring.

Sometimes taking this precaution will give greater benefits to the plant, which is what represents our ultimate goal.

What tools should we use when pruning hyacinths?

The hyacinth has a structure of very thin branches that can be easily worked with a small pruning shears.

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It is always advisable to carry out the process with the support of gloves to avoid possible damage that may occur to the hands.

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What considerations should we take into account when pruning hyacinths?

Hyacinths have a very simple structure and that is an added value when you start managing the pruning.The normal thing is to wait for it to give flowers and after they wither, and the accompanying leaves do the same, proceed to prune.

There is also the opportunity to prune just at the moment that a floral rod completes its flowering process and motivates it to generate a new flower.

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In general, it is one of the simplest pruning jobs that exist in the world of gardening, so you do not have to worry much.

How to prune hyacinths without damaging the plant?

Hyacinths grow from a bulb that is usually underground, although on certain occasions it is kept in water but it is not highly recommended. More or less thick leaves protrude from the bulb, from which the flowers will form later.

Well, pruning will basically consist of waiting for those two superficial parts to be withered to proceed with the task of pruning hyacinths. The first thing to wither is the flower, which will announce that the annual flowering process has finished.

However, if you have a new specimen and it is well nourished, it is possible to eliminate all the corresponding floral stem. This action will give the plant an effort to develop a new stem and perhaps offer you another flower in the same period.

If this is not the case, wait until the leaves are well withered and proceed to cut from the very base.When you leave a flower stem or leaf in poor condition on the hyacinth, the bulb goes to incredible lengths to nurture them and encourage them to go to seed.

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This is a bad practice that causes a lot of stress on the plant and is best avoided. When you have implemented the pruning as we have already said, the next thing will be to fertilize the bulb so that it gathers new strength for the next period.

It is also important to water, until the time it goes into winter rest, which should be stopped in its entirety, and kept in the sun. These two simple cares, added to a correct pruning, will result in the bulb returning to the best conditions to be used.

In the event that the bulb is in water, the pruning process will be the same. However, it is necessary to perform the transplant to the ground. Thanks to this last action, you will be offering a more optimal space for the bulb to recover from the work it has already done.

You will also be giving it a comfortable environment in which to recover and, as we mentioned for those planted in the ground from the beginning, it is essential that you fertilize and water. You will see that next spring you will once again enjoy beautiful, colorful and always fragrant hyacinths.

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