Prune the Poinsettia: [Importance, Time, Tools, Considerations and Steps]

The poinsettia fills us with a lot of emotion because it tends to bloom when Christmas days approach.

With its intense red color that contrasts perfectly with the green of the leaves, there is no doubt that it is a great species to decorate a home.

Although in most cases it tends to survive for a single period, it is possible to lengthen this process with the help of certain care, such as pruning. Are you interested in maximizing the life of your poinsettia?

Well pay attention because in this post we leave you the most relevant information.

Why prune the poinsettia?

It is recommended to prune the poinsettia to extend its useful life and continue enjoying its beautiful flowers a little longer. In some cases it is recommended in order to clear the structure of parts in poor condition that steal the energy that the buds need to flourish.

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When is it better to carry out poinsettia pruning?

The best time to prune poinsettia is when it has lost all or much of its structure. That is, the flowers, bracts and leaves.

This condition is generated in the month of January, so you will have to wait until then to get down to work.

However, during the summer it is advisable to carry out the process of pinching the new shoots to ensure that they develop in all their splendor.

What tools should we use to prune the poinsettia?

The poinsettia has a slightly thick structure, so gardening pliers or strong scissors will be more than enough to work it. The main thing is to ensure that they are well disinfected and that the edge is sufficient to make precise and clean cuts that do not make it suffer.

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In addition, it is a good plan to have a healing paste to cover the wounds and thus minimize the risk of infection with any bacteria or fungus.

What considerations should we take into account when pruning the poinsettia?

As it is not a very large plant, planning is an optional task because it will be possible to work without complications. What you do need is to have a larger pot on hand in case a transplant is needed when you are undergoing pruning.

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This is because the poinsettia develops roots that grow rapidly and in a short time it will require a new place to perch more comfortably. In any case, the pruning process will also include this important part to ensure that the plant has the capacity to absorb and distribute nutrients.

How to prune the poinsettia without damaging the plant?

The poinsettia has a pruning system more or less similar to that of any other species, so the following steps must be followed:

  1. Eliminate all the parts that have it affected by being withered, diseased or dry. These not only make their structure ugly but also cause a significant decrease in nutrients. Although this activity can be carried out in the annual pruning, it is also worth applying it at any time when damage is evident. In the end, the impact will not be very great and the plant will heal the wound without problems.
  2. Define the main branches of the plant, ensuring that they are a maximum of 5 to facilitate the structuring work. To promote that they all remain the same size, it will suffice to make a precise cut on each branch after the third bud. In this way, they will have the same length and the plant will look better.
  3. Cut all the extra branches that exist to ensure that the vitality, energy and nutrients are concentrated in the main branches, facilitating the development and subsequent production of flowers.
  4. Apply a healing paste on the wounds to help in the healing process and reduce the chances of fungus or bacteria that can cause illness.
  5. Check the condition of the roots and prune them a little if necessary. In this species, the roots tend to grow a lot and that is why transplanting is recommended when the space available in the pot is not enough. It is important that the roots enjoy a good space so that they do not drown and affect the good health of the plant.
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The poinsettia is a very characteristic species of Christmas days and enjoying it is a real pleasure. For this reason, those who have a specimen only expect a flowering with excellent characteristics that adorns the environment and pruning is key to achieving this objective.

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