Pruning a Laurustinus: [Importance, Season, Tools, Considerations and Steps]

To decorate the garden, the durillo is a great option due to its numerous flowering and the value that the bush adds in itself.

Working in their care is a pleasure, especially if you have enough time available to dedicate to it on a regular basis.

But, if not, nothing happens because it will still give you all its splendor every spring. Of course, you have to treat it with care when appropriate.

And one of those key moments is pruning, so let’s get down to business with all the information you need on this particular topic.

Why prune durillo?

The pruning of the Laurustinus has an orientation primarily of order, since with the passage of time and the growth of the branches it can become disorganized. Another important fact is to ensure that it emits an abundant flowering to fulfill the main objective of decorating the garden.

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A third reason is for the health of the plant, since the idea is to eliminate all those parts that are withered or diseased. In general, it is a species that supports pruning very well, so you should not be afraid to implement them when you consider it necessary.

When is it better to carry out the pruning of the durillo?

Pruning can be established during two periods of the year depending on the climatic conditions of the area.

When the winters are very harsh and dry, it is best to wait for the beginning of spring to work on the pruning of the durillo.

In places where winters are mild, it can be done in autumn, at the end of its normal flowering period.

What tools should we use when pruning durillos?

The usual thing is to work with pruning shears because its branches are thin and easy to handle, although they are usually abundant. The scissors must be used with a sharp edge so that the cuts are precise and it is also necessary that they be well disinfected, preferably with alcohol.

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It is a good idea to support yourself with gloves to prevent damage to your hands.

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What considerations should we take into account when pruning durillos?

The durillos can be established in the gardens in order to decorate the space, that is, working them as shrubs. It is also possible to use them to form dividing hedges or as a mechanism to decorate the garden in a more professional way.

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Then, as an initial consideration, it is necessary to define what the objective of the durillo is because the type of pruning that is going to be applied will depend on it.Then, it is necessary to study the bush in detail to identify the best path to follow, complying with what was planned in the first step.

Finally, you have to have available the tools and resources that will be used to execute the work without interruptions.

How to prune durillos without damaging the plant?

The idea of ​​pruning durillo is to improve the conditions that it presents when applying it, so you will have to proceed as follows:

  1. Eliminate all parts that are unproductive inside the plant such as dry branches, withered flowers and leaves, diseased areas, areas that rub against the ground and are damaged by it, etc.
  2. Clarify the structure according to the final conditions you want to achieve. If it is a hedge, it is normal to prefer it to be very thick, but if it is a bush, you could promote better flowering by allowing air and light to pass more easily into it.
  3. Reduce the branches that are more protruding. In the case of bushes, the idea is to give it a specific shape (normally rounded or pointed). When it comes to hedges, the main thing is to ensure that all branches have similar characteristics, especially in terms of width.
  4. If it’s a bloom pruning, pinch back the tops of new shoots to encourage them to flower faster during that period.
  5. When it comes to rejuvenation pruning, it is necessary to ensure that the plant is in optimal health conditions, so that it is capable of withstanding it, because it is a very invasive and intense pruning that generates a large number of wounds. In it, it is essential to cut up to 50% of the plant to help it rejuvenate and flourish again.
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Pruning is not the only action that will help the Laurustinus to give its best flowering conditions, but they must be accompanied by others. This includes the use of subscribers in the appropriate periods, as well as providing the recommended risks so that you can recover faster.

If you have applied a large wound to the main branch, it might be a good idea to apply a healing paste to it. Of the rest, we will only have to wait for spring to arrive to enjoy its small but very decorative flowers that we all love so much.

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