Rose Banksiae care

It is one of those plants with which it is impossible not to fall in love. Beyond its spectacular flowering, there is another detail that makes it an irresistible plant. Banksiae rose care is extremely simple. What’s more: we could classify it as one of those rustic plants that it’s nice to have. It is not only undemanding: it is also extremely versatile. A detail that we cannot miss, since it is a guarantee that it can grow almost anywhere.

But beyond knowing the care of the Banksiae rose bush, it is interesting to know what makes it so special. First of all, it is interesting to know that it lacks spines. Something that makes this rose a true exception within this botanical family. If this is striking, another detail is no less so: the shape of its flowers. Among the different types of roses to plant that exist, the Banksiae rose is one of the most peculiar. Beyond its small size, which does not usually reach three centimeters; its petals are double. A detail that is added to another more than interesting: it is one of the rose bushes with the greatest amount of flowering.

Due to its many attractions, it is one of those ideal for any garden. A different and atypical rosebush that, added, will not require practically any care to show off in all its splendor with the arrival of April. A great way to fill the garden with life and color as an aperitif for good weather.


It has already become clear that we are talking about a highly decorative ornamental rosebush. A beauty of nature that also has another unique feature: it is included in the select list of climbers. A detail to take into account for its correct development, since it requires a support or wall on which to grow. But we must add one more attraction: we are talking about a fast-growing rosebush that can reach a majestic size. And yes: we dare to use that term because the Banksia rosebush can reach between six and eight meters in height.

Following the scarce care of the Banksiae rosebush, we will be able to enjoy blooms like this one. get it here

And, before going into detail about the care of the Banksiae rose bush, it is interesting to know something else. This plant, native to China, was widely used in palace gardens for one reason: its intensely green evergreen foliage. An attractive addition to all the previous ones that makes this rosebush with yellow or white flowers an essential in any landscaping.

That said, let’s see the few cares that will allow us to fully enjoy it.

1. Location in full sun, essential in the care of the Banksiae rose bush

It is probably the only one of the Banksiae rose bush care that we can consider demanding. In order to bloom with the abundance that characterizes it, this rosebush demands exposure to full sun. If we live in a very hot climate, the ideal is that we place it in a space with partial shade.

2. Good drainage and depth, keys in its plantation

As we said, it is one of the most versatile rose bushes that exist. An aspect that makes it possible to plant it in any type of soil, even if it is poor or acidic. Although the type of substrate on which it sits is not important, there are aspects that we have to consider. To begin with, to grow fully, the Banksiae rose needs good drainage.

Just as important as the fact that it can evacuate the water correctly is that the planting place has a good depth. Since we are talking about a large rosebush, it will only be able to unfold its growth if it has soil in which to lay its roots.

Finally, a piece of advice: it is worth knowing how to plant a rosebush correctly. A task that, although it is not very difficult, does have particularities that are worth knowing in order to be successful with this type of plant.

3. Moderate irrigation, important for its development

As we said, the Banksiae rose bush is a plant that we could classify as rustic. And, although we can overlook this detail, it gives us a clue of its irrigation needs. We are talking about a rosebush that withstands drought without problems. Hence, its irrigation needs are moderate, and are mainly focused on the spring and summer months.

The ideal water pattern for a Banksiae rose bush is simple. The priority is to keep the soil cool by using moderate amounts of water.

4. Resistant to temperatures but not to wind or frost, an aspect to consider

Interestingly, this type of rose bush supports low temperatures without major problems. So much so that we can even subject it to seven degrees below zero. Despite this resistance, the truth is that the ideal temperature range for this type of rose bush is quite different. The ideal environment for the Banksiae rose bush is between 18 and 25 degrees.

However, its tolerance to frost is relative. Something that also happens with regard to the wind. For these two reasons, the ideal is to plant this rose bush in a sheltered place.

5. Subscriber adjusted to each time of the year

The nutrient needs of the Banks rose bush vary depending on the time of year. And, given its incidence in the development of the plant, we cannot ignore its demands.

The mineral fertilizer in spring is fundamental in the care of the Banksiae rose bush. Discover the characteristics of this one from our Verdecora line

While in the winter months the ideal is to apply organic fertilizers, in the sunny months we will have to opt for a mineral one. Only in this way can we promote the flowering of this spectacular rose bush.

6. Light pruning, crucial in the care of the Banksiae rose bush

As with all plants in this family, knowing when to prune rose bushes and how to do it is something that every lover of these plants should know. Added, in the case of the Banksiae rose bush, pruning has certain indications that we cannot ignore.

To begin with, these types of roses cannot be pruned before they are two years old. In addition, we will always have to postpone pruning until after flowering. And finally, we can never prune severely. We are talking about a plant that does not take well at all that we go overboard with the scissors.

7. Fungi and aphids, their occasional diseases

In general, knowing how to eliminate pests from the garden will not have to worry us with this plant. What’s more: it must be considered in the Banksiae rose bush care list, but it is a task with less weight.

Stopping the powdery mildew involves applying a specific fungicide treatment. Do it with our ecological fungicide

Due to its strength, it is a rose bush that is not usually attacked by plants. However, a couple of exceptions have to be made. In the face of excess moisture, it is more than likely that powdery mildew will make an appearance. And in the sunny and very hot season, it can be the target of the aphid.

And now that you know how to care for the Banksiae rose bush, are you reluctant to include it in your garden?

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