Sansevieria care, the decorative plant

It is one of the most resistant houseplants that exist. One that, added, has such a simple and unique natural beauty while being the perfect companion for any decoration. Beyond its attractiveness, sansevieria care is so easy that enjoying it in any space is simple. As simple as knowing a little more about it and its needs to make way for the real question: where to place it so that it looks with its unique color.

Its rustic character marks in a decisive way the care of the sansevieria. A plant native to South Africa also called «tiger’s tongue» because of the shape of its leaves: sharp and pointed, intensely green with grayish hues and with yellow edges on the sides. A natural arrangement of tones that makes it combine perfectly in any interior design.

With more than 130 different types, sansevieria care is common for this entire botanical family. Discover here the different forms of this plant

And we say this because, in addition to its colors, this plant has another addition: within its botanical family, it has a good number of shapes. Something that allows us to decorate with this plant as we like. Both playing only with it and combining it with other green plants.


Before going into detail about the care of the sansevieria, it is important to know its other nickname: the indestructible. A term that fits a plant that, despite having specific needs, adapts to completely different environments than its ideals.

Let’s start with your lighting needs. Given its African character, sansevieria is a plant that loves full sun but never direct. One that stimulates the intensity of the coloration of its leaves. However, despite this, the rusticity of this plant is such that it can also live in poor light environments. The only thing that this lack will affect is its development: sansevieria is a slow-growing plant. Just create three to four sheets annually. If we deprive it of lighting, it will generate fewer leaves but it will not cut time to its long-lived character.

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On the other hand, you have to consider the temperature. The sansevieria admits warm indoor environments although the ideal is that during the winter we keep it in environments around 15 degrees. We say that it is ideal but it is not essential. And there is more to know that this plant can be planted outdoors. It can even be exposed to light frosts of up to three degrees below zero.

And we come to one of the sansevieria care that arouses the most doubts: irrigation. It is important to know that this plant belongs to the succulent family and, therefore, shares the care of succulent plants. For this reason, irrigation is not one of their main needs. One will suffice from time to time, as long as the substrate has dried and, unlike other green indoor plants, it does not need to be sprayed with water on its leaves.

This type of soil allows the excess water from irrigation to be eliminated. Learn more about this substrate for cacti and succulents

The only precaution that we will have to take in this aspect is to guarantee that the pot has good drainage that allows excess water to be evacuated. To do this, in addition to the container, it is advisable to use a specific substrate for cacti and succulents. And, if we have it planted outdoors, it will appreciate a fine layer of white marble on the surface. Something that will help protect the base of the leaves and prevent them from rotting in the winter rains.

It is also recommended to feed this plant from time to time. Something that we should not do in excess, since being a resistant plant it does not tolerate excess fertilizer well. It is advisable to apply fertilizer for succulent plants dissolved in the irrigation water once a month during the spring and summer.

A specific liquid fertilizer in the hottest months will be key in the care of the sansevieria. Discover the characteristics of this fertilizer for succulents here


And if the care of the sansevieria is not enough reason to consider having it at home, this plant can still offer us more. In addition to being able to avail ourselves of the benefits of purifying plants, a family to which it also belongs, sansevieria is an ace in the hole for any decoration. A note of nature that, beyond its beauty, is perfect for giving verticality to a space, filling it with its presence.

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In addition to aesthetically working beautifully alone, Sansevieria also blends beautifully with other plants to create compositions. A way of playing with different volumes, to give greater dynamism to a certain space. Although we can create sets with flowering plants, the truth is that the ideal territory for sansevieria is with green plants or with other succulents.

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Due to its spindly character and vertical growth, the sansevieria is also perfect to play the role of separating spaces. Something that is not only visually attractive but also allows a natural transition between different rooms in a house.

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So, once you have seen the care of the sansevieria and some decoration ideas with it, what are you waiting for to enjoy this wonderful and resistant plant in your home?

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