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Hello to all Agrohuerters. In this post we will review a little the experiences of Organic Agriculture around the world that we have been teaching you in these almost two years of experience in Agrohuerto and we will tell you how these first days are going in our new destination. We have also made a special video to thank you for your interaction on our YouTube channel. I hope you laugh a bit and that you like it:

Thank you very much to all

First of all, I wanted to dedicate this special post to the 1000 subscribers that the Agrohuerto TV channel already has on YouTube. On behalf of the entire Agrohuerto team, I thank you for those more than a thousand subscriptions to our channel and Facebook page. Without your visits, likes and comments we would not have the great motivation we have to continue showing experiences of urban agriculture around the world.

Thanks also to all those who read us every day to learn a little more about organic farming and food or to browse about urban agriculture in the world.

Thanks to those who trust us and rely on our tips when creating a new garden at home or cultivating and fighting pests and diseases in an ecological way. Thanks to those who share our posts, to those who trust us to raise their doubts and to those who correct us if we are wrong.

Thanks to all those who have shared their experiences, photos and advice with us and with all the Agrohuerters, and to those who choose this medium to communicate with other fans of organic farming, thus creating a large network of organic urban farmers -that is our main objective-.

(I take this opportunity to remind you that you can continue making us part of your experiences and making your orchards or advice known through Facebook or by writing to and we will publish the info and photos you send us).

Many thanks to the company Clemente Viven, which provided us with seeds to start growing and tell you from experience how to grow organic food, and Jardinería Flores-Sierra, which was of great help for the installation of irrigation for our orchard. Thank you for supporting us, answering our questions and always being willing to help.

Finally, thanks to all those who have dedicated their time to show us the urban gardens, the ecological experiences and the projects in which they participate, such as the professors of the School of Agricultural Engineers of Madrid, Pilar López and Santiago Moreno, who are those in charge of the ecological garden and the didactic botanical greenhouse, respectively;to professors Julián Briz and Teresa Briz, organizers of the Green Cities in the World Conference. Also to the associations of Agrofogones and GEDEA, who are always willing to help us and showed us their garden and the vermiculture facilities that they have set up in the practice fields of the School of Agronomists. Thanks to the gardeners of the Huerta de Montecarmelo, the RedHMad gardens (we have visited a few of these community gardens in Madrid), and many other neighborhood gardens, school gardens and associations that we have visited. If it weren’t for all of them, we wouldn’t have been able to show in the articles of the Organic Gardens and Gardens Around the World categories all these interesting experiences that can serve as inspiration and motivation for many of you, interested in Organic and Urban Agriculture.

Agro-orchard around the world: new orchards

As you already know, in addition to videos and tutorial articles on how to cultivate an organic garden, at Agrohuerto we want to publicize orchards in cities, real experiences of orchards that we visit or of associations and other groups of people who are dedicated to Urban Agriculture and who contact us.

Until now we have shown you a lot of orchards in the city of Madrid, because it is where we live (well… we used to live), and most of the orchards that we have seen are in this city. But you can also see in the category of “Orchards around the world” others that we have visited or investigated in other cities such as Valencia, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Bogotá, London, Mexico City… (In fact, I still have some in the inkwell about the Community Gardens of London and the » Market of the gardener» that make the town of my parents, a small town in the Sierra de Gredos, in Ávila).

Álvaro and I taking a walk through our new neighborhood in Beijing

Well, and if you have seen the video above you will have heard that… WE ARE IN CHINA WATCHING URBAN AGRICULTURE! Specifically, we have come to live in Beijing, although we will move around the country a bit. Álvaro and I will try to visit as many orchards as we can to show you what urban gardening is like here. We have already seen some in passing and we have the contact of the director of the Association of green roofs in Beijing, so we are already down to work!

We have just settled in and there are many things that, of course, are still very strange to us, such as the chaos in traffic, some of their customs and…of course…pollution! The truth is that it is a little difficult for me to understand how organic food can be grown in a city as highly polluted as Beijing is… I guess they will have to use a lot of green filters such as hedges or vegetable screens to mitigate it a bit… But the case is there is Urban Agriculture in China, we will tell you about it!!

Greetings to all

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