Succulent care in spring

They are those wonderful undemanding plants that do not usually demand much of us throughout the year. However, it is convenient to know the care of succulents in spring to give them what they need. It is precisely in this season when succulents and succulents resume their growth, after having remained in a state of hibernation during the cold months. A time when we have to apply specific care with a view to improving their health and well-being.

Understanding the importance of caring for succulents in spring involves knowing to what extent winter takes its toll on them. The drop in temperatures, the increase in humidity, frost… Everything that we assume as natural in the cold months puts stress on the plants that can compromise them. For this reason, spring is conceived as a transition period towards the rigorous hot months. And, for this reason, it is also one of the most demanding times of the year when it comes to caring for plants in general and succulents in particular.

For all these reasons, let’s see in detail what these wonderful plants demand of us in spring. A way to pamper them to enjoy their incredible and unique beauty.


If there is a maxim when it comes to growing succulents, it is that they are not demanding at all. In general terms, we could say that they are plants that, due to their origins and characteristics, practically take care of themselves. Or, better said, that they demand rather little to grow and stay healthy. Actually, we could say that their survival depends solely on knowing how to water succulents correctly and exposing them to the type of light they need.

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Beyond the cold season, in which it is convenient to know the care of succulents in winter to save ourselves trouble, it is precisely in spring when they will give us more work. A priori and reading that sentence, we could think that we are going to have to be much more aware of its cultivation than the rest of the year and it is not exactly like that. In reality, spring care for succulents involves a set-up. Some tasks that we can apply both at the beginning and in the middle of this season to continue, later, with its usual cultivation pattern.

1. General cleaning of the plant and pots

The essential starting point in the care of succulents in spring. It is more than likely that, in the cold months, our pots have accumulated dirt. We refer both to the decomposing leaves of the plant itself and to other organic waste carried by the wind. Although we may think that they do not pose a threat, nothing is further from the truth. They can be the germ of a disease but also a refuge for different pests. Therefore, it is convenient to remove them to leave our plant completely clean.

In addition, it is also time to fine -tune the space where our plants are, eliminating any residue that may have accumulated in the cold months.

2. Transplant and renewal of the substrate, one of the main care of succulents in spring

It is well known that succulents are plants that are not very demanding with the substrate. They can grow in poor, nutrient-poor soil without much inconvenience. But let that not mislead us. Although they have that capacity, they need a change of substrate from time to time and, especially, in spring. Remember that cold and humidity compact the soil, preventing the normal growth of plant roots.

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Beyond this, spring is also the ideal time to move our plants to a new pot. Beyond knowing how to transplant succulents correctly, it is essential to take into account two aspects. On the one hand, that the transplant should only be done if our plant really needs it or two years have passed since its last change of pot. On the other, that the new container in which it is going to live is slightly larger than the previous one so that its roots feel comfortable to grow.

3. Put them in the right place

It is very likely that a good part of your succulents have spent the winter indoors, protected in a greenhouse or located in a space where, protected, they could receive the maximum hours of light. With the arrival of spring, it is time to put them back in the right place for them this season.

What does this mean? That in spring, when there are more hours of light and the sun shines more strongly, we will have to relocate our pots according to their needs and assessing two crucial aspects: their need for light and their tolerance to direct light. It is more than likely that a good part of our succulents have to be in a semi-shaded space, but there is nothing like getting to know each of the varieties we have in depth to give them what they need.

4. Prevent pests and diseases

The natural enemies of our succulents in spring! We usually resign ourselves to the fact that they are part of the season and that we simply have to win the battle against them. However, it is worth knowing that it is possible to protect plants from pests in a simple way. To begin with, keeping our pots clean and free of debris or weeds. To continue, taking care of the needs of our plants so that there are neither excesses nor defects in their cultivation.

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But apart from this pair of aces, there is another fundamental aspect. To avoid the appearance of pests and diseases of succulents, it is advisable to use insecticides and fungicides preventively. Thanks to them, we will be stimulating the defenses of our plants against any attack.

5. Increase irrigation, one of the most delicate cares for succulents in spring

And we say delicate because knowing how to water succulents correctly is one of the most demanding aspects when it comes to these plants. In fact: an excess of water is, in the vast majority of cases, the reason why they die.

With the progressive increase in temperature, the irrigation pattern of succulents increases slightly. But it does not only respond to heat: it also responds to the fact that it coincides with its growing season and, therefore, our plant needs more resources to grow. For irrigation to play in your favor, we will have to gradually increase it throughout the season and take advantage of the hours of less sun to water.

6. Pay regularly and without excesses

Another fundamental task in the list of care for succulents in spring that we will also have to apply with great care. In general, we are talking about plants that do not tolerate excess fertilizers. Let’s remember: they are used to poor soils. Something that we cannot lose sight of when we begin to pay them.

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Beyond the fact that a specific fertilizer for cacti and succulents is essential, we will have to consider another detail. Its application should be monthly at most, and it is essential not to exceed the recommended amounts. An excess of fertilizer can compromise the health of our plant.

7. Prune only when necessary or you want to reproduce your plants

The last care for succulents in spring but also the least demanding for one detail: it is not essential. We will only apply it in case we want to shape a certain succulent or even if we consider how to propagate succulents.

And ready! With these simple care, your succulents will be in perfect condition both in spring and summer. A guarantee to enjoy its incredible and undemanding beauty.

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