The 5 best plants for hanging pots

Hanging pots are a perfect option for small spaces that do not allow pots on the ground, but also for those who want to take advantage of the vertical space of gardens, terraces or balconies as well as to enjoy indoors.

A way to optimize, even more, the space that we dedicate to enjoying our plants but also to use them as a decorative resource in our home.

However, it is important to know that not all plants are ideal to have in hanging pots, but it is important to consider that they tend to be watered less (so it is essential that access is not complicated) and, in addition, that the size of the The pot also determines the level of growth (we will have to provide that the hanging pot has a good dimension and, even, a pot for the plant arranged in a hanging basket).


The truth is that, despite these restrictions, there are many and varied plants that we can arrange in hanging pots. We are facing a varied range that includes both flowering and non-flowering plants and even green plants and bulbs; and between which we will have to choose depending on when we want to enjoy its beauty.

Thus and beyond making this decision anticipating flowering times or if we simply want to enjoy the greenery without further accessory; Let’s see some perfect plants to have in hanging pots.

1. Pelargonium

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A relative of the Geranium, it shares many of its cares with it, although it differs slightly in the shape of its flowers (more variegated). Originally from South Africa, this plant is ideal for this type of pot due to its hanging nature. One of its main virtues is its ability to thicken creating a bush, making it ideal for hanging pots that require thickness.

Pelargonium care is simple:

– It will demand to be in full sun although, if we live in a very hot place, we will have to avoid direct exposure in the middle of the day.

– It must be watered when the substrate is dry, avoiding wetting leaves and flowers.

– We will have to do a pruning at the end of winter to strengthen the plant for the summer flowering.

– It is advisable to apply a specific fertilizer low in nitrogen but high in potassium and phosphorus.

2. Vervain

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A perennial plant in very hot climates and an annual in cold ones, Verbena is a perfect choice for hanging pots. It has small leaves in an intense green color, and a variegated and colorful bloom (it varies from white to red, going through the entire range of mallows) that will accompany us from spring to early autumn.

To grow Verbena successfully, the ideal is to place it in a bright area (always with the protection of semi-shade), in a pot with good drainage (excess moisture is a great enemy of its roots, so we will also have to complement this with a single weekly watering) and adding an organic fertilizer during the flowering season. An important aspect to watch for is pests, as Verbena is one of the aphid ‘s favorite targets.

3. Ivy

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Let’s go with a green plant that is irresistible for its ease of cultivation, adaptation and its perennial character. Ivy is a natural climber that decorates with the simplicity of its characteristic leaves, which can also be grown both indoors and outdoors (although, for this, it is important to choose the right variety).

For ivy to grow correctly, the ideal is to have a good pot with a universal substrate but, above all, with good drainage that avoids any type of waterlogging. What’s more: it is important that we regulate its irrigation pattern, opting more for the defect than for the excess, making it almost insignificant during the winter months.

4. Joy

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Few plants have as many virtues as Alegría, which can be summed up in three: easy to grow, grateful and easy to flower (with the addition that it has a huge range of shades). In addition to these aspects, which are not insignificant for those looking for a flowering plant that does not give many inconveniences, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Light-loving, we can also grow it in semi-shade and shade. And, if the lighting is not excessively decisive, what is important is its irrigation since it will demand that it be abundant (always avoiding waterlogging). With a view to promoting its profuse flowering, it is recommended that we help it with a flowering fertilizer throughout the year.

5. Surfinia

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And we leave for last one of the favorite flowering plants of the sunny months: the Surfinia. It is a beautiful option, perfect for its hanging nature but also for its abundant foliage and flowering, which fundamentally depends on five key cares to take care of Surfinias.

These are five perfect proposals to dress hanging pots and enjoy their natural beauty.

And you, which of these five plants would you prefer for your home? Tell us!

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