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Brushcutter – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Brush cutters are useful tools so you can easily cut grass and weeds from gardens and grounds. Therefore, if you are planning to acquire one and do not know which one to choose, we have prepared some options that might interest you. The first is the Alpina TB420D, with a 1.25 kW two-stroke engine, which will allow it to perform smoothly in cutting grass. In addition, it includes a metal disk, nylon threads and harness. The next model is the Bosch AFS 23-37, which has a 950w motor and a combined cutting system between lines and blades, which will allow you to cut almost any type of grass.

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Opinions on the best brush cutters on the market

Now, in the next section we present some models of brush cutters so that you can detail their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, which will allow you to select an option that can meet your expectations.

gasoline brushcutter

Alpine TB420D

× >Some buyers indicate that this model could be the best brushcutter in this comparison, since it is versatile, since you can use discs and thread to clean your areas.

This gasoline brushcutter presented by Alpina has a 42 cc engine and a power of 1.25 kW, so it has enough force so that it can easily cut various types of grass. Also, this one is 2-stroke, which will help it perform more smoothly and prevent it from getting stuck or failing when you’re clearing areas.

It has a double adjustable handlebar, allowing you to manipulate it very comfortably. In addition to this, it comes with a harness, which will help you avoid additional purchases.

On the other hand, this Alpina brushcutter includes a disc made of steel, so you can use it to cut dry and wet grass, weeds and small bushes very easily.

This product could be the best brushcutter of the moment, since it has good characteristics that we will detail below.


Power: Its two-stroke engine has a power of 1.25 kW, which will allow it to cut almost any type of herb.

Versatility: You can use blades or nylon threads to clear different areas.

Ergonomic: It has double handlebars, which favors ergonomics and handling.

Accessories: Includes a steel disc and a harness so you have the essentials for its use.


Gases: Because your engine is gasoline, the gases it emits are harmful.

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Spark AG/BC 5200

× >It is a gasoline brushcutter that offers a power of 2.21 HP and 1650 W, so it gives you great strength to cut grass and plants of different sizes and thicknesses. It also has a displacement of 52 cc that provides optimal performance for a long time.

It is important to note that it includes a 3-tooth and a 40-tooth cutting disc, as well as a 2.4 mm cutting line, which allows you to use the equipment in different activities to increase the options of use.

For greater practicality, it offers an easy start system that allows you to start the brushcutter easily and quickly, avoiding malfunctions. On the other hand, it provides easy assembly with an intuitive design that allows you to assemble the machine immediately after receiving the package.

A gasoline brushcutter may be the best option to keep a large plot of land or a garden in good condition. For this reason, we invite you to learn more about this model.


Power: It has a power of 1650 W that generates 2.21 HP, enough to cut thick brush and even small trees.

Ignition: It offers a quick ignition system that favors practicality.

Discs: Includes 2 discs, one with 3 teeth and the other with 40 teeth, which allows you to make different types of cuts.


Thread: The amount of cutting thread may be insufficient for some tasks. However, this does not detract from the functionality of the device.

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electric brushcutter

Bosch AFS23-37

× >If what you want is to acquire one of the best brushcutters of 2022, Bosch has a long history of producing good quality products, so below we describe the characteristics of the AFS 23-37 model.

This product is an electric brushcutter that works with a 950w motor, which gives it enough power to cut weeds and grass with ease. In addition to this, you can switch between the 3-point blade or use the nylon threads, allowing you to select the most suitable option for the most difficult jobs. However, the spool is capable of holding up to a triple thread for more efficient cuts.

On the other hand, it weighs 5.30 kg and has a strap for you to carry the brushcutter when you use it, which will give you more freedom to work.

Additionally, the blade has a cutting diameter of 23 centimeters and with the line this is 37 centimeters, allowing you to cover more space when cutting.

Many users consider that this could be the best quality-price brushcutter, so we advise you to take it into account among your options.


Price: It is one of the cheapest products on the list, so you can get this brushcutter for a low amount.

Power: It has a 950 w power motor, which will allow you to easily clear vegetation.

Head: Its head is interchangeable so you can cut wet, dry grass and weeds.


Work Area: This product is not ideal for mowing large areas.

Spare parts: The spare parts for this product are usually somewhat expensive.

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Husqvarna brushcutter

Husqvarna 543RS

× >Although it is not one of the cheapest products on the list, this model presented by Husqvarna stands out for having an X-Torq engine, which allows it to reduce toxic gas emissions by up to 75% and consumption by 20%, which It will help it perform more, but using less fuel. Also, this detail will prevent excessive wear that will prolong the useful life of the equipment.

It has a wide head so you can attach long nylon lines or blades, giving it versatility to cut the most difficult vegetation to remove.

In addition, the engine of this Husqvarna brushcutter has an independent start so you can change the rope to your liking. It has 40.1 cc and 1.5 kW of power, so it has enough force for effective cuts.

On the other hand, it weighs 7.4 kilograms, but it includes a harness so you can hold the equipment without any problem.

Due to the good characteristics that this product presents, many users consider Husqvarna to be the best brushcutter brand in this comparison.


Power: It has 1.5 kW of power, which will help cut almost any type of vegetation.

Practice: The engine has a fuel and toxic gas reduction system.

Versatile: You can use discs or nylon threads for weeding.


Price: This brushcutter has the highest price on the list, so to acquire it you will have to invest a little more.

Kit: It does not include an accessory kit for maintenance, so you will have to go to professionals.

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multifunction brushcutter

Greencut GM650 9-1

× >If you want to buy a cheap brushcutter, but one that has good features, this product is one of the cheapest on the list, so it could be a good investment.

This multifunction brushcutter is presented with the particularity of being able to change the head and adapt it according to your work. That is, you will have 9 options available to cut different types of vegetation. In addition, it has a 2-stroke engine with 65 cc and 4.9 horsepower, so it will provide you with enough power to be able to easily clear almost any type of grass and weeds.

Additionally, the heads of this Greencut brushcutter are easy to exchange thanks to the Tap’n Go system, allowing you to switch between them without complications.

On the other hand, this brushcutter is quick to start, has a throttle with a safety lock and an ergonomic handlebar so that you can hold the equipment when you are making the cuts without affecting your physical integrity.

If so far you are still looking for which brushcutter to buy, you should know that this option has several tools and has good features that will be of great help in your brushcutting tasks.


Multifunctional: You can make use of the 9 types of heads for different tasks.

Kit: Includes an assembly and maintenance kit that will allow you to do basic cleaning.

Power: The motor has 4.9 hp to be able to cut the vegetation without making much effort.


Accessories: Among the accessories that it includes, it does not include the harness, so you will have to purchase it separately.

Materials: Some parts are made of plastic, so you have to avoid hitting it to avoid damage.

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brushcutter with wheels

Hyundai HYWT5080

× >If so far you still do not know which is the best brushcutter in this comparison, we recommend that you take into account this model presented by Hyundai, since it has attractive features that might interest you.

This product is very practical and ergonomic, since you will not need to use a harness to carry it because it has a base with wheels and a double handle, which will allow you to move it without making any effort. Its engine is gasoline and has a compartment of 0.8 liters, enough for various uses. In addition, it has a 2-stroke engine that works at a power of 1560w, allowing you to easily cut different types of vegetation. Something interesting for a machine that stands out among the cheap and good brush cutters on the market.

Additionally, it should be noted that the head is made of nylon and rotates at a speed of 7500 rpm, providing fast and precise cuts. On the other hand, we mention that this brushcutter with wheels has a cutting diameter of 42 centimeters so that you can finish your work quickly.

Among the brushcutters present in this comparison, this is one of the cheapest. In addition, it has high power and useful features that we detail below.


Power: It has a power of 1560, which will allow you to cut weeds, wet and dry grass easily.

Ergonomics: Includes a double handlebar and wheels to move it effortlessly.

Engine: The engine is 2-stroke, which gives it fluidity.


Accessories: Does not include additional accessories compared to other products on this list.

Storage: Due to the dimensions of the brushcutter with the wheeled stand, you will need to store it in a large place.

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Kawasaki brushcutter

Kawasaki TJ53

× >Kawasaki is a brand recognized worldwide for producing good quality products with attractive features, so we present the TJ53 model.

This professional Kawasaki brushcutter has a two-stroke engine with electronic ignition and a membrane carburetor, which will make it easier for the equipment to start up and run at an adequate speed, even if it is completely cold. Plus, chrome-plated cylinders and air filters lengthen cleaning times and give you a longer service life.

Additionally, the rotating handlebar will help to manipulate the equipment to access difficult areas when you are clearing uneven terrain. In addition to this, it has an anti-vibration system that will prevent movements from affecting you.

On the other hand, one aspect that stands out in this brushcutter is that it has a power of 2000w; enough force to be able to cut almost any type of vegetation with great ease.

So that you can buy a professional brushcutter that has a good quality standard, we recommend that you evaluate the pros and cons of the TJ53 presented by Kawasaki.


Power: Its motor has a power of 2000w, which will allow you to make effective cuts without any problem.

Engine: The engine has an automatic ignition and a membrane carburetor to prolong its useful life.

Ergonomic: The handlebar is rotatable and has an anti-vibration system so you can move on different types of terrain.


Accessories: This product does not include accessories.

Price: Its price is one of the highest in this comparison.

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Garland brushcutter

Garland Best 321

× >If you want to select a brushcutter for small jobs around the home, we recommend that you evaluate the following model.

With a power of 750w, this Garland brushcutter will allow you to cut the grass in your garden without problems. In addition, this product is gasoline, so you can not worry about high amounts on your electricity bill.

Additionally, it has an anti-vibration system that will prevent you from being affected by fatigue caused by continuous exposure to vibrations.

It has a direct start pump that helps you to start it up, even if you have not started the brushcutter for a long time, so it will help extend the life of the engine.

On the other hand, it has an ergonomic adjustable handlebar that will allow you to turn it up to 90 degrees so that you can cut the grass in your home. However, it can be folded so that you can store the equipment in any space comfortably.

If you want to buy a brushcutter that can easily cut the grass in your garden, this product may be the one for you.


Anti-vibration: It has an anti-vibration system that will reduce fatigue.

Starting: The engine starting pump will allow you to start it, even if it is cold.

Practical: This brushcutter has a handlebar that rotates up to 90 degrees so you can move it in the desired direction.


Power: The power of this product is low to clear wide spaces with abundant vegetation.

Gases: The gases emitted by the combustion of gasoline can be harmful to the body and the environment.

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Honda brushcutter

Honda UMS425E1-LNET

× >If you want to buy a brushcutter that has a powerful engine and adequate speed to effectively cut grass, perhaps this model may be of interest to you.

This Honda brush cutter has a GX 25cc 4-stroke engine, which will help reduce the time it takes to start up so you can start it, even when it is cold, which will protect the engine and increase the life of the engine. same.

It has an anti-vibration system so that you are not affected by the fatigue caused by the continuous movements made by the vibrations and the operation of the motor. In addition, it has a power of 720w so that you can properly clear your garden. Its head is made of thread, but this is tap & go, allowing you to easily replace it when it wears out.

On the other hand, this gasoline brushcutter has a 0.58 liter tank and includes glasses to protect your eyes.

If you are looking for a brush cutter for the maintenance of your garden, we recommend you take into account this model presented by Honda.


Engine: Its 25 cc GX 4-stroke engine will help you start it cold, which will prolong its useful life.

Accessories: Includes protective glasses so that your eyes are not hurt by the grass or stones.

System: Its anti-vibration system will prevent your body from being affected by fatigue.


Power: It has one of the lowest powers on the list, but it is suitable for clearing small gardens.

Tank: Your fuel tank is very limited.

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ANOVA brushcutter


× >Among the models present in this brushcutter comparison, this product stands out mainly for its practicality, since you will not need to purchase a harness or strap, due to its backpack-type design, which will allow you to hang it on your back to carry out your tasks. of clearing In addition, this model has several compartments so you can take the gardening tools you need with you.

This ANOVA brushcutter has a 51.7 cc and 2 horsepower engine that is equal to a power of 1500w; just enough to be able to eliminate the most difficult weeds and vegetation from your land or garden.

On the other hand, it has a Walbro carburetor, which will allow the engine to adjust the air and fuel for efficient consumption and save a few euros on gasoline.

Additionally, it has a tap-n-go head so you can change discs very easily.

If you want to buy a gasoline brushcutter that is practical and has good features, we recommend this option that presents the ANOVA brand.


Power: The motor has a power of 1500w to eliminate dry, wet grass or weeds.

Practical: Its backpack-type design will help you handle it easily.

Carburetor: This component will help reduce fuel consumption.


Weight: Excessive use of this brushcutter could cause back pain.

Gases: The gases caused by the combustion of gasoline can be harmful to health, so it is recommended to wear a mask.

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Accessories for brushcutter

Head for brushcutter

HTBAKOI Universal 2 in 1

× >This is a brushcutter head with universal compatibility, so you will have no problem attaching it to your gasoline brushcutter so that you have a much more efficient job, since it has a triple nylon line outlet so that you can easily cut the vegetation.

Additionally, it is made of solid aluminum, which gives it strength to withstand wear and friction without any problem.

On the other hand, so that you can install it on your brushcutter easily and without purchasing additional parts, this option includes some accessories: an Allen key with several washers and a pair of gardening gloves.

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Brush cutter harness

Yardwe Strimmer

× >Working more comfortably with your brushcutter is easy with this Yardwe proposal. Compared to the smaller supports, this proposal has a double strap system. An extra that better distributes the weight throughout the back and facilitates the use of the tool. A format that reduces stress on the hands and wrists, by lightening the weight of the equipment during use.

This brushcutter harness has a universal design, so it is compatible with a large number of models from different manufacturers. And for the perfect fit, its adaptable buckle helps you put on the harness in the way that suits you best.

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brushcutter disc

Papillon 8061058

× >This is a universal brushcutter disc made of metal, so it will be strong enough to withstand friction and wear. In addition to this, this product is ideal to be installed in heads of gasoline brush cutters.

In addition, it has an effective cut due to its 40-tooth structure, which will allow you to remove weeds, wet or dry grass, bushes and mushrooms without any inconvenience.

On the other hand, it has a cutting area of ​​25 centimeters, so you can cover more space to finish clearing your garden or land quickly.

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String for brushcutter

Oregon Duo line

× >The Oregon Duoline brushcutter line is a good solution when it comes to making cleaner and straighter cuts on weeds and vegetation of a certain density. To do this, this product is manufactured with a round exterior, which is stronger and more durable than conventional square thread. The result is a solution suitable for large areas, but which also require a good quality finish, such as farms, gardens or golf courses.

Regarding its presentation, it includes 120 meters of 3-millimeter diameter cable, which will accompany you for a long time in your cutting tasks.

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brushcutter carburetor

I made it 43

× >The Hicello 43 model is an interesting replacement for those who need a replacement brushcutter carburettor for many of the Chinese-made models. This piece has a displacement of 43 and 52 cubic centimeters, generating an adequate mixture of gasoline so that the performance of the machine improves.

Its approach is ideal for 2-stroke gasoline brush cutters and with forced air cooling, also having good compatibility with different models. The kit comes complete, so it includes both the brushcutter carburetor and the rest of the accessories necessary for its correct assembly.

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How to choose the best brush cutters?

In the following space you will find a guide to buying the best brushcutter, where we will highlight the most important features to take into account so that you can acquire a good and economical brushcutter that is capable of meeting your expectations to cut the lawn of your home.

× >Shopping guide


The first characteristic that we will evaluate in this comparison of brushcutters is the power of the engine, since for these to be able to cut the grass correctly, it is necessary that they have a good level of power. That is to say, with little power the grass would not be cut, but rather it would be swept and the motor would also be forced, which could cause failures and even damage. On the other hand, with a powerful motor, the strings will have enough force to make precise cuts without damaging the lawn and even to remove weeds.

The power possessed by the engines is expressed in watts (W), kilowatts (kW), engine displacement (cc) or horsepower (hp), so the more numbers that accompany those letters, it will be the indication that the motor will have more power to cut different types of grass, grass, bushes or weeds. Likewise, in some models they usually identify them also with the speed at which the coil rotates, so the higher the rpm, the cuts will be much more precise.

Therefore, before check

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