The most used aromatic flowers to create perfumes

There is no doubt: nature is extremely generous. Not only does it allow us to contemplate the beauty of its staging, which changes and transforms according to the season; but, in addition, it even has small gifts with which to dazzle us. Among that list, aromatic flowers are one of the most outstanding natural gifts. Because, in addition to allowing us to enjoy their natural perfumes, they are also key to those others created artificially but always inspired by nature.

Flowers in general and aromatic flowers in particular are essential in the world of perfumery. Using the aromas and essential oils of nature has been part of the history of Humanity since its oldest pages. Despite the progress and all the modern advances, aromatic flowers still have a specific weight in the creation of aromas for human use and consumption.

But what is even more significant is knowing that the «pretty girls» of perfumery have not changed that much over the centuries. Because, curiously, today many of the aromatic flowers used in modern perfumery are the same ones that were used a century ago. So let’s discover some of those favorites that perfumed your great-grandmother but, most likely, also perfumed you.


The world of aromas is characterized by being ethereal but also magical. And we say this because smelling a certain aroma is capable of transporting us back in time, making us think of a person or even reminding us of a certain moment in our lives. Something that we have verified for sure if we are to grow aromatic herbs at home. Although science cannot fully explain why our brain is capable of interpreting aromas and memories, it is a fact that perfumes have a persistent imprint on our memory.

Since the most commonly used aromatic flowers in perfumery have not changed that much, we can easily create our own memory. Surrounding ourselves with certain plants in our garden or terrace can help to recreate that garden of memory made to our measure. So there is nothing like knowing which are those star aromatic flowers to enjoy their perfumes but also our own experiences.

1. Rosa, the queen of the garden and perfume

Not only is it the absolute protagonist of the garden, but it also has a specific weight in the world of aromatic flowers. It is practically impossible to find a perfume in which the rose is not present to a greater or lesser extent. As a good flower that has raised passions throughout history, the enormous variety of roses makes it extremely easy to have their perfumes. What’s more: in the world of perfumers, the presence of De la Rosa is a scent that should always be enhanced. So the rest of the aromatic flowers that accompany it in a perfume will always be overlapped by its smell.

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Although it seems to us that any rose smells like a rose, the reality is that each variety has its own notes. A detail that we must take care of when we consider the different types of roses to plant, since choosing between one or the other can change the aroma of our garden.

Although there are about 30,000 varieties of roses in the world, there are two favorites in the world of perfumery: the rosa damascena and the centifolia.

2. Lavender, another current classic in perfumery

Not only is it one of the most popular aromatic plants among garden lovers: it is also another of the undisputed stars in the world of perfumes. Soft and persistent notes; Lavender is a classic scent that always, always! it is raging today. Suitable for fresh perfumes both for children and for adult use. It is impossible to resist its charms!

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Added, the scent of lavender evokes sharp emotions. It smells like summer, clean and home. An identification that is not free if we take into account that it is one of the candidate aromas when we consider how to choose the best fragrance for the home.

3. Jasmine, another essential

Don’t let its size fool you! The jasmine flower is small and inconspicuous, but its aromatic value is incredibly powerful. Not only is it one of the most recognizable aromas among aromatic flowers, but it also rivals the rose in prominence in the world of perfumery.

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Its incredible floral potential makes it a common aroma in perfumes but also in candles and aromas to decorate the home.

4. Geranium, one of the least known aromatic flowers in perfumery

We have identified geraniums as one of the perfect flowering summer plants for any space. Colorful and cheerful, it is traditionally one of the symbols of the months of good weather. What is less known is that geranium has a specific weight in the world of perfumery and, curiously, is part of a good number of aromas that surround us.

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As with roses, the hundreds of varieties of geraniums open the door to many other nuances in their perfumes. Among all, the pelargonium is one of the favorites since, in addition to its aroma, another important aspect is added: its duration over time.

One last curiosity: pink geranium flowers are one of the maxims of masculine perfumes.

And now that you know the importance of these four aromatic flowers, we propose a game: try to identify them in the perfumes that surround you. Close your eyes, and concentrate on finding its nuances.

We are sure that you will discover to what extent they are present in the aromas of your life.

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