Types of conifers to have in the garden

They are, without a doubt, an indispensable element of any garden. Knowing the different types of conifers is a real guarantee of finding the one that best fits into the landscaping of our green space. A botanical family with more than 6,000 varieties, which allows us to have a little piece of forest in our environment without too much work on our part.

The presence of conifers in most parks, green areas and gardens is not accidental. To their incredible natural beauty, we must add a couple of details that make them essential. On the one hand, its amazing ability to resist from the most extreme heat of summer to the rigorous cold of winter. On the other hand, we must not lose sight of the fact that the care of conifers is extremely simple and, although it is not strictly so, we could say that they can even take care of themselves.

For all this and for the incredible natural spectacle that they represent, let’s discover the different types of conifers. The best way to find the ideal one for our garden and, above all, to make use of its many virtues.


The advantage of having conifers in our garden is that they are plants that hardly require care. What’s more: the ideal way to water them is only with rainwater. Press play, and in just two minutes, have some general notions about these incredible plants with Paula.

Knowing the different types of conifers allows us, above all, to make the right choice. Since we are talking about a very large family, it is important to take into account a couple of aspects before choosing one or the other.

Let’s start with an aesthetic one, which we cannot lose sight of. Most conifers are evergreen, so it’s easy to ensure you enjoy their characteristic green hue all year long. However, we must also consider that choosing shrubs and conifers in autumn offers us the opportunity to play with the incredible colors that many of them have at this time of year. An aspect that we should not miss if we want our exterior to be dressed in the colors of one of the most beautiful seasons.

Discover here our selection of types of conifers

But, in addition to the visual, we must consider a practical and fundamental detail: the size that it can reach. From a practical point of view, knowing in depth the dimensions of our conifers will allow us to plan their planting space but also the surroundings. Only knowing what maximum size, height and width, it can have will we be able to give it the space it needs to grow but also organize the plants that it will have around it.

And how to procure it, in addition to thoroughly knowing our conifer? Knowing what types of conifers exist according to their shape. The best way to get it right, yes or yes, with our choice.

1. Conical, one of the most recognizable types of conifers

Conicals, like spruce, are one of the most popular types of conifers

Most of them usually have the lower branches slightly wider than the upper ones. In this category would be most of the firs and some cypresses.

2. Columnar, perfect to give verticality

Get this cypress totem here

They are elegant, slender and perfect if we want to create a visual path or even define it physically. This group includes a good part of the cypresses.

3. Cup, the classic shape that we have in mind of conifers

Get here one of the most popular conifers

They have a pyramidal appearance, like a good part of the pines. They are the perfect choice if we want to have, in the medium term, the imposing presence of a tall tree in a certain area of ​​the garden or even create a flower bed around it.

4. Creeping, another way to enjoy conifers

A beautiful creeping conifer, ideal for ground cover. Learn more about its cultivation here

When we talk about types of conifers, we can not only think about the spectacular height. Some, like creeping conifers, grow parallel to the ground creating a carpet of nature. This is the case, for example, of the Junípero; and they are the best option for embankments or even to fill flower beds.

5. Hedge, ideal for creating closures

The Thuya is perfect for making a vegetable closure. meet her here

Due to the arrangement of their growth, some conifers are the perfect candidates to create a plant wall that physically and visually protects the garden. Of course: if we are impatient and look for fast-growing shrubs for fences, they will not be ideal. To grow in conditions, these types of conifers take their time.

Five types of conifers that, yes or yes, will fit into the design of your garden. Different styles that can be enjoyed individually but also combined.

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