Types of garden hoses: how to choose the right one

It is one of those essential garden accessories without which its maintenance is simply not feasible. The best way to be able to take care of our plants, and without which doing it can be more than tedious. But, despite being necessary, it is curious that it is a common pattern not to know the different types of garden hoses available. A lack of knowledge that, many times, raises doubts about which is the most suitable for our nature.

It is clear that, regardless of the size of our outdoor space, the different types of garden hoses are essential. Not only because they allow us to keep our plants hydrated, but also because they have many more uses. From being able to clean the floor to the garden furniture or, why not?, play against the heat by cooling down in the summer months. Its versatility is such that, really, each one chooses its purposes.

Despite knowing it, it is important to know the types of garden hoses. A way to be able to choose the most suitable one for us but, also, to know how to maintain it so that it lasts a long time. And it is that, depending on the material in which they are made and even their shape, their maintenance care varies.


As much as we may think that the types of garden hoses differ only in their shape or extension, this is not the case. There are many other factors that distinguish them from each other. Some that can be key to finding the most suitable for our space. A hose for a terrace of 20 square meters is not the same as one for a garden of 60.

Added and in the case of gardens of good size, having only one hose is not a solution. In addition to it, we will have to complement it with other irrigation systems. And not only because it is the only way that, for example, lawns or flower pots are correctly watered comfortably and effectively. It is also something to contemplate for a fundamental reason: to optimize the use of water. A way to be more respectful with the environment but also to save in our domestic economy.

With this in mind, let’s look at the types of garden hoses that exist according to a series of aspects.

1. Conventional hose, one of the most popular types of garden hoses

One of the most widely used types of garden hoses. Discover the characteristics of this model in our online store

One of the types of hoses that we are most used to seeing. It consists only of a tube, and one of the greatest advantages is that we can buy it by the cut. Or, what is the same, choose the dimensions according to the size of our garden or terrace. The best way to give us the service we need.

2. Expandable hose

Ideal for being light and easily collected. Take a look at this type of garden hose here

Compact and light, one of the main virtues of this type of garden hose is that it is incredibly easy to collect. Due to its morphology, it can expand up to three times its original size with the passage of water. With the supply cut, it will return to its initial form. Perfect if we have little space to store it.

3. Spiral or helical hose

One of the most resistant types of hoses due to its shape. Buy this Verdecora model here

A perfect hose for small spaces but also for those looking for a resistant one. One of its main advantages is that, because they are made of a rigid material, they do not cause knots or crushing. Another interesting aspect is that they already incorporate the pistol. And, as the name suggests, they are collected in a spiral.


Knowing the types of garden hoses that exist, there are other aspects to consider before choosing the most appropriate one for us. Something that should not be done lightly, since it will depend on your correct choice to give us the service we need.

Let’s start with a basic aspect in any type of garden hose: its length. The ideal is to choose a hose with which we can reach any corner. In this way, we can use it comfortably and for what we will need to know the dimensions of the garden or terrace. But in addition to this, let’s take into account another factor: the longer the hose, the more water pressure you will need. So if the flow of water is not powerful enough, we will not be able to opt for a garden hose that is too long.

Intimately linked to this aspect are the materials with which the different types of garden hoses are made. If the flow is powerful, we will have to opt for a reinforced hose. In this way, it will be able to withstand the pressure without it causing any damage. But not only water depends on the choice of material. We also have to consider the climate in which we live. If we do it in a temperate climate, we can opt for a vinyl one. However, if the weather is cold, the ideal is a rubber one.

Another fundamental aspect when choosing between the types of garden hose is its diameter. If the use that we are going to give it is to water pots in a comfortable way, the ideal is that it has a smaller diameter. In this way, the flow of water will not spoil the plants. However, if the objective is to water the garden or clean a terrace, we will need a hose with a larger diameter.

Finally, it is important to note that this is not an accessory to skimp on. Correctly choosing the most suitable hose for us can be a long-term investment.


For a garden hose to last, you need to know some tips for its maintenance. Regardless of the types of garden hose we choose, there is a common task to all of them. In summer but, above all, in the cold months, the water inside must be emptied when we finish using it. This aspect is especially delicate in winter, since frost can cause the rubber to break.

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It is also recommended that, in the hot months, we avoid storing it in full sun. It can also compromise the material.

In the case of conventional hoses, it is advisable to use a hose reel. Thanks to them, we can store it without crushing or knots.

Different types of garden hoses with a single purpose: to be able to enjoy your piece of nature.

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