Types of roses to plant: what are there and how are they

As the Mecano song said, «a rose is a rose.» And yes: it is… put in an extremely simplified way. It is surprising to discover that the types of roses to plant call into question the summary of that phrase in the most resounding way: with numbers. And there are more than 30,000 varieties of rose throughout the world. A figure that continues to grow year after year, with the incorporation of a hundred new typologies. And no, there’s nothing weird about it. Being the star flower of gardening, the rose has historically been subject to hybridization to create new typologies in a natural way. A task that continues today, and that seeks to make flowers even more beautiful than they already are.

Let no one be scared! On the one hand, because we won’t have to see ourselves choosing between that exorbitant number of varieties. Of that huge amount, there are only between 2,000 and 3,000 of a commercial nature in the whole world. And, on the other, because the idea is not to go into detail about the types of roses to plant with names, surnames and origins. Rather, what we seek is to make known their different ways of cataloging themselves according to multiple aspects. A way to get to know them and, by the way, to know what we can expect from each one.

And, since we are in the middle of planting rose bushes, it is the ideal time to discover which one is the most suitable for your garden or terrace. A guarantee, plant now, to enjoy its beautiful flowering with the arrival of good weather.


The rose is the flower par excellence of Humanity. Not only is it the most worked by man but, at present, it continues to be the most cultivated flower on the planet. And it is logical: who can resist its beauty? For this reason, it is essential to know this classification when we refer to types of roses to plant. And not just because his story is fascinating. Rather because discovering it will allow us to better understand the world of the rosebush. And even surprise us with it.

Let’s see, then, the three classifications of types of roses to plant that are handled in the world of gardening:

1. Wild or wild roses, the least similar to the rose as we know it

Yes, you read it right. Except for some varieties, such as the centifolia rose or the damascena rose, wild or wild roses have a huge difference with the ones we have now. The original ones, which grow in nature outside the hand of man, only have five petals. A number that shapes a considerably different flower.

But it is not the only difference with the roses that we know. There is another essential. The range of colors of wild roses is much smaller. They can only be found in pink, red and white. Where they are similar to rose bushes as we know them is that they are incredibly hardy and bloom once a year.

2. Ancient rosebushes, increasingly well known

Also called old roses. This is considered to be all types of roses for planting that have existed since at least 1867. But there is one more requirement: it is essential that they have not been modified by the hand of man. They bear certain similarities to wild roses. For starters, the arrangement of the petals: much more open than today’s roses. They also bloom only once a year. Perhaps the biggest difference from them lies in their perfume: old roses have a strong fragrance.

Although they are little known, they have been gaining weight among garden lovers. The reason: its incredible resistance, even to pests and diseases, due to its strength. As if this were not enough reason to opt for them, there is one more: they do not need pruning.

3. Modern roses, the most common types of roses to plant today

This is how all those roses that appeared after 1867 are considered. Their main characteristic is that they are hybrids, which sought to improve certain aspects. Thus colors, flowering time or even being more resistant to diseases are the result of these constant grafts.

90% of the rosebushes that we enjoy today belong to this category.


Precisely within this modern family of types of roses to plant is where we find another categorization. And it is that, far from being all the same, there are a good number of varieties that differ fundamentally in their form. Something that we have to interpret in two different ways: with regard to the morphology of the flower, and with regard to the shape of the plant.

Thus, let’s see the different types of roses to plant according to these differences:

Types of roses to plant according to the shape of the flower

tea rose

The best known hybrid. In fact, it responds to the idea we have of this flower: long stems, large flowers and a huge range of colors.

floribunda rose

This variety of floribunda rose also has a very characteristic perfume. Discover its features here

The flowers are presented in the form of clusters. In addition, they are characterized by bright colors. Its bloom is slightly smaller, but it makes up for it in another way: blooming steadily throughout the season.

Rose Grandiflora

The grandiflora rose bush is one of the most valued types of roses to plant due to the size of its flower. Get this in our Verdecora online store

They are a hybrid between the tea rose and the floribunda. For this reason, they combine constant flowering with the delicacy of long-stemmed roses. These can grow both in clusters and separately.

Types of roses to plant according to the shape of the plant

Although we may think that the form is not important, nothing is further from reality. On the one hand, because it determines the location of our rosebush. And, due to the importance of this aspect, we must be cautious and inform ourselves of the characteristics of the plant to know how it will grow. The best way to decide its ideal location and that, once an adult, it is neither disturbed in its growth nor disturbed.

And not only that. As important as knowing how to plant a rose bush correctly is discovering its characteristics of the different types of roses to plant when buying it. Because, depending on the varieties, they will have a greater or lesser resistance to frost or pests. A compelling reason so that, regardless of its aesthetic appearance, we inform ourselves of its needs.

The mini rosebush is one of the types of roses to plant that can be enjoyed indoors. Find out more about them

mini rosebush

Perfect for both exterior and interior! With small flowers, they never reach sizes greater than 40 centimeters. It can be grown both in pots and in planters.

standing rosebush

Extremely decorative. These ornamental rose bushes are perfect both for the garden and for a good size pot. They can reach four meters in height. They require more pruning than a conventional rose bush to maintain their tree shape.

bush rose

One of the most valued types of roses to plant. Its main characteristic is that its vertical growth can reach a height of even two meters. Of great ornamental value, they are perfect for dividing spaces or marking certain areas. Another of their benefits is that they bloom several times during the season.

The climbing rose is perfect for embellishing any human space. Make your garden or terrace more beautiful with one of them!

climbing rose

Despite their name, they are not climbing plants as we know them. Actually, the name of this type of roses to plant comes from its main characteristic: its long stems. By themselves they do not adhere to any part, but they do admit being guided and tied to a certain support. Perfect for embellishing a trellis, trellis or pergola.

groundcover rosebush

The main characteristic of this plant is its creeping character. The flowers are born in a misplaced way. They are a perfect variety to decorate rockeries or flower beds.

And now, confess it to us: why is it even more complicated to choose between the types of roses to plant? We give you some advice: do not choose just one, combine them!

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