Urban Gardens in Moncloa-Aravaca. Madrid

Hello everyone! Today we continue our walk through the Gardens of Madrid with Gardens in the District of Moncloa-Aravaca. Moncloa – Aravaca is the name of a district belonging to the city of Madrid that is administratively divided into the neighborhoods of Casa de Campo, Argüelles, Ciudad Universitaria, Valdezarza, Valdemarín, El Plantío and Aravaca.

Moncloa-Aravaca district in Madrid (Source:

The district is delimited by: the municipalities of Pozuelo de Alarcón and Majadahonda to the west, the M-40, M-605 and Avenida de la Illustracion highways, which separate it from the neighboring district of Fuencarral-El Pardo to the north, the district of Tetuán, the district of Chamberí and Centro to the east and the district of Latina to the south, in which we already know several orchards. Let’s see what the residents of Moncloa-Aravaca have in store for us.

Urban gardens in Moncloa-Aravaca

The Garden of GRAMA

GRAMA’s organic garden is a space to learn and learn about urban agriculture practices. It is a small orchard, on land donated by ARBA (Association for the Recovery of the Native Forest), created to experiment, learn and help other orchards or associations. They also cultivate local varieties from Madrid to promote their cultivation and recover seed.

In short, a space where the people of Madrid can make contact with nature and learn how to cultivate without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. You can find it at the Lago de la Casa de Campo metro stop, “Richard Schirrmann” Youth Hostel.

GRAMA orchard in the Casa de Campo in Madrid


This project began in March 2012 with the intention of growing healthy and organic food while trying to learn about something that could be far away in the city, such as horticulture.

Therefore, it is a community learning project, where people of different ages and professions collaborate, which aims to recover the old nurseries of the Dehesa de la Villa for a use that should never have been abandoned: community gardens. To access the orchard you must enter the park through C/ Leonardo Prieto Castro, 8, and then pass the State Meteorological Agency towards the old nurseries of Dehesa de la Villa.

Environmental Education Center of Dehesa de la Villa

This center develops an environmental education program aimed at the implementation of environmental sustainability policies in the city of Madrid. Among its various facilities is a roof terrace with a green roof and a terrace garden, which constitute a space for home gardening, in which it is intended to show the possibilities and actions to be carried out in an urban garden, preferably aimed at growing in pots.

Workshops are held through which it is intended to bring participants closer to the knowledge of the plants from which the products we eat come from and their growing season. The necessary notions are provided to be able to cultivate some garden plants at home, as well as the realization of seedbeds of different horticultural varieties. To learn more about these workshops click here

Urban gardens in University City

In the University City of Madrid, most of the faculties and higher schools of the Complutense University of Madrid and the Polytechnic University of Madrid are located, as well as more than thirty colleges and facilities of the National University of Distance Education.

In this area with a marked university atmosphere there is a botanical garden and extensive green areas, where orchards could not be missing, much less considering that the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineers is located there together with the University School of Agricultural Technical Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Garden of the Association «AGROFOGONES»

This project begins at the end of 2012 from an association of the ETSI Agrónomos formed by a group of students interested in gastronomy. Everything starts from the idea of ​​merging two fields as closely related as agriculture and cooking.

All members of the association become participants in the therapeutic garden for disabled people and the permanent garden located on the practice fields of the School.

First shoots about 2 months after planting the garlic

Orchard of the «KYBELE» Association

Created by a group of students from the School of Agronomists that proposes an ecological way of living, in general, and of farming in particular. To do this, they carry out agroecological learning activities: orchard, film forum, talks, tastings, workshops, excursions and summer stays on agroecological farms, among others.

Orchard of the Kybele Collective of the Polytechnic University of Madrid

Huert Innovation Project Community Agroecology Classroom ‘Cantarranas’

The UCM Community Agroecology Classroom intersects with the Huerta to build a space for reflection, training and research on agroecology and food sovereignty.

Every month Self-Training Workshops are held and annual Conferences on Agroecology and Peasant Movements are held. They also participate in the development of graduate and postgraduate academic works and publications.

You can find it on the Moncloa Campus, in the Viveros UCM (between the Cantarranas rugby field, the Information Sciences Faculty building and the A6).

School gardens in Moncloa-Aravaca

The initiative to implement organic gardens as a teaching tool in study centers is widespread in Madrid, as we have seen in other articles. In this case, the centers that belong to the Network of Ecological School Gardens of Madrid are:

  • CEIP Aravaca (Aravaca Neighborhood)
  • CEIP Rosa Luxemburg (Aravaca neighborhood)
  • EEI Las Viñas (Aravaca neighborhood)
  • CEIP Eugenio María de Hostos (Valdezarza neighborhood)
  • CEIP USA of America- Huarte de San Juan (Casa de Campo neighborhood)
  • CEIP Fernández Moratín (Neighborhood of Casa de Campo)

In construction…

As commented in previous articles, the Madrid City Council has recently ceded several public plots for the development of urban horticulture in the municipality and, specifically, in the Moncloa-Aravaca District, the Manzanares-Casa de Campo Neighborhood Association was the winner. in the public award contest for the Parque La Bombilla plot, so we will soon be able to enjoy a new orchard in that place.

This is all for today Agrohuerters. I await your comments!

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