Valencian Citrus – Cítrics Valencians

In the three provinces that make up the Valencian Community: Alicante, Castellón and Valencia, there are the municipal districts where the Valencian Citrus – Cítrics Valencians, certified with the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) seal, are produced.

The quality of the citrus produced in these three provinces is given by the perfect adaptation of this crop to its particular climate. The Mediterranean Sea, which bathes its coasts since time immemorial, has witnessed these crops, since the so-called Valencian orchard, in the case of the province of Valencia, has always been located a few kilometers from its coastline.

Citrus cultivation has been carried out for centuries both on the seacoast and in the valleys near rivers, ravines and valleys.

The climate here, unlike other areas of the Valencian Community, is mild winters and hot summers. Relative humidity is quite high in the summer months, and annual rainfall is between 450 l/m² and 650 l/m².

Citrus fruits represent 67% of the agricultural production of the Autonomous Community, only those that meet strict requirements of origin and quality are those that carry the Protected Geographical Indication certificate.

Valencian citrus fruits covered by the IGP Protected Geographical Indication

The Valencian citrus fruits covered by the Protected Geographical Indication, according to their types, are:

Citrus sinensis, L. – Oranges (Navels, White and Blood):

  • Navel: Lane late, Navelate, Navelina, Newhall, Whashington Navel, Caracara and Powel.
  • White: Salustiana and Valencia beats.
  • Sanguines: Sanguinelli.

Citrus reticultata Blanco – Tangerines (Satsumas, Clementines and Hybrids):

  • Satsumas: Clausellina, Okitsu and Owar.
  • Clementines: Clementina, Arrufatina, Clementard, Clementina fina, Clemenules, Esbal, Hernandina, Marisol, Orogrande, Oronules, Oroval, Tomatera, Loretina, Beatriz, Clemenpons and Nour.
  • Hybrids: Ellendale, Fortune, Kara, Nova and Ortaniqu.

Citrus limon L.Lemons

All of them classified in the «Extra» and «I» categories, according to the applicable quality standard.

Citrus fruits provide us with many vitamins and minerals. The oranges, mandarins and lemons that are grown in the Valencian Community with Protected Origin Indication, in addition to providing us with all the benefits of any citrus fruit, add their high quality. As a refreshing and great-tasting fruit, both oranges and tangerines are very popular and consumed all over the world.

Among its many vitamins, vitamin C, A, and B9 (folic acid) are present in greater numbers. Vitamins D, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 are also present. They are rich in fiber and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur and, to a lesser extent, calcium. This great cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals help improve our immune system.

Its daily intake, both in juices or whole, helps us control cholesterol and uric acid levels, protecting the heart. They prevent some degenerative diseases, such as those that affect vision. They are anti-inflammatory and protect the heart. Its fiber content helps us regulate intestinal flow. They are diuretics and great allies of the skin, since they help our body to generate collagen naturally…

The number of recipes that can be made with Valencian Citrus Fruits are innumerable, juices, milkshakes, infusions, ice creams, fruit salads, salads, biscuits, cakes, crepes, jellies, accompanying dishes made with meat, fish and seafood, such as «Pato a the Orange”, the “Salmon tartare”, “Prawns with citrus sauce”…

Valencian Citrus Fruits – Cítrics Valencians with the IGP certificate are products that are subject to specific controls, so that they meet all the requirements required to be a protected product, so their quality is fully guaranteed.

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