What bulbs to plant in February

Winter begins to say goodbye and, with it, it’s time to resume gardening. If we already talked a few days ago about the necessary pruning in February, this month is also the time to sow. And, far from being secondary, we must take into account that this month depends on whether we can enjoy flowers both during spring and until the beginning of autumn.

For this reason, it is important to know which bulbs to plant in February. A perfect, simple and economic way to be able to enjoy flowers tailored to the design of our garden (let’s not forget the great variety of flower types and colors) but also to stagger the blooms (with a view to constantly having that wonderful gift of nature). And if these two advantages are perfect for any flower lover, we must have a third: its planting is more than simple.

And these are just three of the many reasons to enjoy this wonder of nature!


The variety of spring bulbs that are planted in February is more than wide. A range in which it is difficult to choose because, if something happens to the bulbs, it will be inevitable not to want to plant them all. However, today we are going to discover four of the most spectacular blooms that we can see in our garden and that are planted this month.


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One of the most striking blooms, and it is not for less: among its green foliage, the exotic colorful bloom stands out (in red, yellow, orange or pink tones) that can be seen between the months of July and December. At the time of planting, the ideal place for the Canna will always be in a location that does not receive sun throughout the day and keeping, between bulb and bulb, a planting distance of 20 centimeters (bear in mind that the plant will need space to grow and flourish).

Undemanding bulb, once planted it will only be necessary to water it every two to four days (if the temperature is very low, we will space out the waterings) and, during its flowering, the guideline will be between ten and fifteen days.

dahlia cacti

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It is a variety of the classic Dahlia that we all know with one caveat: its petals are narrower and longer. Depending on its location and place of planting (ideally in full sun and always protected from the wind), it can measure from a few centimeters to more than a meter in height. If we live in a place with late frosts, the ideal is to plant the Dalia Cactus initially in pots (we can do it until April) and in a place sheltered from the cold to later transplant it into the garden.

In addition, this method will allow us to know how far apart to plant the bulbs from each other (if the plants are small, it will suffice to do it 10 centimeters apart; if they are a good size, we can even space them up to half a meter apart).


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A bulb plant that, beyond being able to be planted outdoors, can also be enjoyed indoors. Although the ideal time for planting is February, Gloxinia gives us a little more space (March is also a suitable month for planting). If the climate in which we live is rigorously cold (with longer winters), it will be advisable to wait a bit to plant it since it is a bulb that suffers from low temperatures.

In order to enjoy its beautiful flowering (which occurs between the months of May and August), the ideal is for the bulb to be planted in a place with good lighting but without direct sun. And, to encourage its flowering, nothing like supporting it by paying every 15 days.


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Also called African Lily. A delightful plant whose leaves reach a good size and are finished off with white or lilac flower balls. Although it reigns spectacularly in any space, it requires patience. Yes, patience: because for the Agapanthus to flower you will have to wait between two and three years (although, after this period, it will do so annually).

Interestingly, and despite its origin, it is a bulb that withstands both low temperatures (up to 15 degrees below zero) and high temperatures (if you live in a hot place, the ideal is to plant it in semi-shade). During the winter months, the ideal is to dig them up and store them in a cool space (between 5 and 6 degrees).

Four bulbs that are planted in February of the many that we can enjoy. Discover them all in our centers and find the perfect one for you!

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