When do camellias bloom?

They are, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated blooms by gardening lovers. Regardless of the variety, and there are not few! the camellia flower is a real spectacle that no one can resist. An obscure object of desire that often makes us wonder when camellias bloom or even why ours doesn’t. A recurring question that today we want to delve into.

Before we despair with the question of when camellias bloom, it is important to have something clear. Under the name of camellia a huge number of varieties are included that show their difference, fundamentally, in their flowers. And although we believe that it is not many, nothing is further from reality. Only in Galicia there are 8,000 varieties. A detail that, far from being minor, makes knowing exactly when the camellias bloom complicated. Why? Because, considering this detail, camellias can bloom between December and April.

But not only do we have to take into account the calendar. Because, beyond the flowering times of each variety, we must consider other aspects that can prevent our camellia from blooming. A pleasure that, without a doubt, we cannot deprive ourselves of.


In general, most of the camellias that we enjoy in the gardens begin to bloom in December in a staggered way until February. However, for the flowering process to take place properly, the plant needs a series of pampering that it is necessary to know. And when we say in conditions we do not mean, only, to give us a good number of flowers. We must also bear in mind that, with the necessary care, its flowers will accompany us for a long time.

How to care for camellias is not complicated at all. Really, to be successful in its cultivation, it is enough to choose the right place for planting and provide it with abundant irrigation, always with soft water. Of course: despite the fact that it is a moisture-loving plant, be very careful with the drainage. It is demanding in this aspect, so we cannot neglect this care if we want our plant to prosper and flourish.

More than when camellias bloom, what do they need to do so?

But to answer the question of when camellias bloom beyond the calendar, there are two aspects that we cannot ignore. Actually, we are talking about two tasks that are in our hands and that we will have to fulfill on a regular basis if we want to promote the flowering of our bush. One of them is pruning: a fundamental task for the development of our plant. Thanks to this work, which is usually carried out in mid-February once the plant has shed its flower buds, we will help regenerate the stems to promote flowering next winter.

Responding to when camellias bloom happens, among other things, by fertilizing them correctly. Get our specific liquid fertilizer

But just as important as this is to fertilize the camellias correctly. And we insist on correctly because, being a winter-flowering plant, we tend to think that the correct thing to do is to fertilize in the cold months. However, it is not so. To promote flowering, our plant needs a supply of fertilizer rich in nitrogen between the months of March and June; and another with predominance of phosphorus and potassium between July and September. A month in which we will have to stop the fertilization, and let the plant prepare to flower.


And we come to another question that is usually added to when the camellias bloom. Sometimes and despite believing that we are growing it correctly, our plant does not bloom. Something that usually generates nervousness since, despite the evergreen and characteristic beauty of this shrub, its flowering is the main reason to include it in the design of our garden. Let no one be alarmed. When a camellia does not bloom, it is because it has an excess or defect of something. And it is enough to know how to interpret the signs to solve it.

And that is the magic of plants. Which, in their own way, give us clues as to what may be happening to them so that we can remedy them. So nothing like having a small symptom guide to discover what we have to solve.

1. Flower buds do not open or dry before opening

A classic in the cultivation of this wonderful plant. It is usually due to a lack of environmental humidity: another of the camellia cares that we have to monitor closely.

2. The camellia begins to yellow the leaves and the buds do not open

When the plant shows these symptoms, we usually worry about its health. And, although it is true that the appearance of the plant encourages it, the truth is that it is easily remedied.

An acidic substrate is essential for the flowering of the camellia. Get it in our online store

Camellia plants showing these signs are usually suffering from a lack of acidity in the substrate. To solve it, it is enough to be clear about how to transplant a camellia and the right time to do it. And yes, fundamental: use a specific substrate for acid plants.

3. The plant throws the buds before opening them

Another of the usual scenarios in the cultivation of this plant. Normally, when the plant behaves in this way, it is a symptom of excess humidity or a sudden change in temperature.

Although we cannot recover the flowers that we have already lost, we can provide a solution. If it is in a pot, it will be enough to find a favorable location and control the drainage. It also does not hurt to mulch it to prevent the cold from affecting it.

4. The camellia has few flowers

Not all camellias give the same number of flowers. If, once we are sure of the variety, we consider that it can flower more, we will have to review how we have pruned it.

And yes: it is worth taking care of this wonderful plant to enjoy its flowers. A gift that only appears once a year and that fills the cold of winter with color.

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