When to plant the lawn?

It is one of the protagonists of the summer but, also, of the garden. Every garden lover dreams of having a perfect green mantle and enjoying the beauty of it. But make no mistake: it is not an easy task. It does not only imply regular and rigorous work. Both its use and the weather can cause the famous bald spots that complicate our lives. For this reason, it is crucial to know when to plant the lawn so that the seeds that we use to reseed fulfill their function.

Although the task itself is not too complicated, it is important to know when to plant the lawn. Basically because, although we believe that it can be done at any time, nothing is further from the truth. Only by choosing the right time will our grass grow strong enough to survive and maintain itself.

A detail that we cannot ignore if what we want is for our task to prosper over time.


There are some extremely important aspects when it comes to when to plant your lawn. To begin with, it is essential to understand that the climate directly affects the germination of seeds, but also their ability to take root. For this reason, the essential condition for our lawn to prosper after being planted is constantly moist soil.

But it is not the only factor that affects when to plant natural grass. As important as that humidity is the temperature. Grass seeds demand that the soil be warm. Therefore, it is essential that we choose to plant while we still enjoy between 18 and 23 degrees.

Finally, another important aspect: the number of hours of light. For grass to grow properly, it will need to be planted at a time when there are fewer than 12 hours of daylight per day.

And then the question arises. Taking into account these essential conditions, when to plant the lawn, in autumn or in spring? The answer is resounding: always better in the fall. But, still, let’s see the pros and cons of doing it in each of these seasons.

Why is it better to plant the lawn in the fall?

More than likely, summer lawn diseases or even regular use have wreaked havoc on our green mantle. That is why it is more than usual that, at the end of the summer, it is time to give it the attention it needs.

And yes: all the ideal conditions that we have described before define those of autumn. It is not in vain that reseeding the lawn in autumn is one of the fundamental tasks of this season. And the reason is very simple. The climate of this time of year favors the root growth of the lawn. Or, put another way, it is the perfect season to try to root the seeds. Something that, far from being minor, will guarantee the survival of our new grass during the cold months.

Just as important as knowing when to plant your lawn is choosing the right seeds. Discover what this repopulating and resistant grass is like

But beware: let’s keep something in mind. Autumn has many faces according to each geographical area. Young grass is fragile and delicate, so we always have to avoid possible frosts when sowing. If we live in a very cold area, we can never postpone the task beyond the end of October. If, on the other hand, we live in a warm area, we will have a margin until the end of November.

But beyond being very aware of the sky and the thermometer, we can help our grass to grow without fear of cold. Performing a mulching will keep the heat of the earth, and will favor the development of our seeds.

And what happens if we plant the lawn in the spring?

It is more than likely that, as a result of winter, our grass has been affected by the cold. And, despite the fact that we know that it is not the perfect time, the desire to see it well overcomes us.

If it is our case, it is not serious either. The important thing is to know how it affects spring planting. Unlike what happens in autumn, in this season growth occurs in the aerial part. We will see a rapid evolution of its leaves, so after a few weeks from sowing we will have to mow.

Lawn dressing can be an ally to maintain soil moisture and preserve our seeds. Learn about its features here

It is essential to have something clear. Spring is an unstable season in terms of weather, and it is more than likely that some frost will surprise us. A setback that can compromise the development of our lawn, so it is advisable to avoid planting if a drop in temperature is possible.

If the spring is very warm, we will have to find a way to keep the substrate as hydrated as possible. Something that we can not only achieve through irrigation but also by using a top dressing for lawns.

Follow our tips on when to plant your lawn, and get the most out of your exterior!

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