White Fir: Uses and Medicinal Properties

The White Fir ( Abies alba Miller ), is an evergreen tree belonging to the Pinaceae family that is found mainly in mountainous areas. This tree is large and can be 60 meters high and has a pyramid-shaped crown. Its trunk is straight with a smooth bark of silver tones. Its flowering time is spring.

For medicinal uses of White Fir , the buds, bark and leaves of White Fir are usually used as they have essential oil, resins, tannins and vitamin C

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spruce medicinal properties Properties and medicinal uses of White Fir

  • It is an expectorant, so it favors the elimination or expulsion of mucus in the lungs
  • White Fir exerts a healing action on ulcers , sores and wounds , both internal and external
  • Due to its diuretic effect, it is very useful to help us combat fluid retention.
  • Its antiseptic action helps prevent or fight infections , since it destroys the microbes that cause them
  • Due to its balsamic properties, White Fir is very beneficial to soothe irritated throat and when we have a cough , but in general it also acts on the entire respiratory system.
  • Its anticatarrhal power makes it very useful to help us prevent colds naturally
  • The rubefacient effect which has white fir produces a feeling of heat and can eliminate or minizar the muscle pain , joint aches and bones, so can be applied locally in cases of, for example, arthritis or rheumatism
  • Fight urinary infections , including cystitis and urethritis
  • It is able to improve acne cases and improve the general condition of the skin
  • White spruce is used to mitigate respiratory conditions such as asthma

To take advantage of the medicinal properties of the White Fir we can prepare it in infusion, tincture and essential oil, we can also make steam baths, poultices, inhalations are also indicated as well as include it in the preparation of syrups, creams or ointments. Can be used both fresh and dry

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