Why do DANONE, Kelloggs, or Dove use carcinogens in their products?

Once again, consumers are ignored and treated without any kind of respect for their health , well-being and the right to information . For those who still consume products from the French multinational DANONE, you should know that they include nanometals in their yogurts. And it is not that it is known because they indicate it on their labels, but because this has been evidenced by a study carried out by The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies that concludes that DANONE has been » dusting » nanometals to make its yogurts appear whiter. Specifically, he has been using titanium dioxide ( E171), which has great whitening power, as well as being a health poison.

Let us remember that in France, the headquarters of the multinational, the sale of Actimel was prohibited and in other countries such as Germany or the Netherlands it has been denounced for misleading advertising and forced to withdraw the advertising in which it reported on its alleged «benefits», that is, that this product does not help health, it is only valid to fill the pockets of the managers on duty.

Titanium dioxide is very harmful to brain cells, kidneys, or even fertility. But that is not all. Titanium dioxide is listed by the American Cancer Society as one of the potentially carcinogenic substances. Why is it allowed to use it in food, cosmetic and hygiene products that we use every day?

Titanium dioxide is used in paints, plastics, toys, furniture, appliances, ceramics, or cement, and now it’s in your stomach.

Not only DANONE, Kelloggs or Dove use this poison, it is also used by other multinational food and cosmetic and hygiene products to make, for example, sunscreen creams or whitening toothpastes, soaps, cigarette paper, mayonnaise , cheese, pills, cow and soy milk, white clothes… In total there are more than 1,600 products identified on the market that contain titanium dioxide . The bad news is that they are not required to indicate it on their labels, which would be indicated as E171, if it does not exceed 1% of the total volume of the product, although that small amount usually ingested in many products is enough to cause fatal diseases.

If you want to see the list of brands with products that use this poison click here

Even Friends of the Earth has several studies on it.


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