Why give orchids?

They are, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful flowers that exist and one of the indoor plants that arouses the most passions. Therefore, giving orchids is always a success whether the recipient already enjoys them or does not have any. There is something about these wonderful exotic plants that dazzles. And, why deny it, part of its magic lies in the fact that its flowers are precious and precious treasures that are not always easy to enjoy.

Despite its fame, the orchid is not a complicated plant to grow. Although a false legend has accompanied it for many years, it is enough to know how to care for orchids to discover that the myth is far from reality. Something that is important to know thoroughly, both to grow our own and to consider giving orchids even to someone completely new to gardening.

But, beyond this, it is convenient to know why it is precisely one of the most gifted plants. A true protagonist of both occasional gifts and special days, such as Mother’s Day or a birth.


The fascination with orchids is something that comes from afar. Although it is true that the height of its fame was in Europe in the 18th century, the truth is that it is a plant that has captivated since ancient times. Cultures of that time, such as the Greek, the Chinese or even the Aztec, already had the orchid as a reference plant. And not only for decorative purposes: it also occupied a privileged place in its natural pharmacopoeia.

Leaving aside the oldest page in the history of Humanity, it is worth knowing that the arrival of the orchid from America at the hands of a botanist in the 18th century was a real shock to our old continent. Not only did it become a symbol for the wealthy classes: it also caused the beginning of collecting this type of plant. A fact that brought with it the devastation of American forests and, as a consequence, the disappearance of some of the orchid species that existed in them.

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Today, a good part of the orchid plants that we know are hybrids. A detail that does not detract from the spectacular nature of this incredible natural beauty, and that in fact allows us to enjoy them outside their natural habitat.

But why opt for it and not for other plants? Let’s look at some compelling reasons to consider it on our list of possible gifts.

1. Its symbolism, one of the main reasons to give orchids on Mother’s Day

It is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons to give almost any flower. Knowing which flowers to give according to their meaning allows us to play with their symbology to convey feelings or even to send hidden messages.

In the case of orchids, we cannot speak of a single meaning but rather the range is extended to cover very different scenarios. On the one hand, they are a symbol of fertility, so they are plants that are usually given as a gift when a baby is born. Apart from this, orchids also have an emotional meaning. They represent beauty and perfection, but also love understood in very different ways. They can transmit romantic love but also innocent love like that of a son towards his mother.

2. They are perfect for those who have a “bad hand with plants”, something to keep in mind

When we consider giving plants as a gift, we are often assailed by the question of whether our recipient will welcome the gift or consider it a problem. Something that happens, above all, with those people who sing “I have a bad hand with plants”. A myth of popular culture that is usually linked to a determining aspect: those who say that tend to completely forget that watering is one of the basic care of any plant.

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Well, although it may seem inconvenient with other indoor plants, it may be the reason that pushes us to give orchids. Far from what happens with others, these plants live better with less water than with more. In fact, the danger of excess water in orchids is that it can kill them in the blink of an eye.

In addition to punctual watering, orchids are perfectly suitable even for beginner gardeners. All you need is a bark substrate, finding a bright space for it and knowing how to use the correct orchid fertilizer for each time of year.

3. It is impossible not to find the perfect flower among its variety of types and blooms

Although we believe that the orchid is, by default, the Phalaenopsis, we are wrong. Knowing the different types of orchids will allow us to open our own horizons. And we are talking about a botanical family with more than 20,000 species in nature, although the number of commercial orchids is infinitely smaller.

But what is the magic of so many varieties? That it is possible to find different types of flowering and, even, forms of cultivation. Something that guarantees us to find the perfect orchid for a person due to its shape, but also to initiate it in orchid collecting.

4. They are highly decorative

His presence never goes unnoticed! If before we said that it is one of the most beautiful plants that exist, there is no doubt about its decorative power. Whether in any of its blooms or colors, the orchid is always the object of attention in a space.

For this reason and apart from other reasons to give orchids, there is no doubt that giving one will make any space even more beautiful.

And you, do you have any more reason to give orchids? Tell us!

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