Why have an insect hotel in the garden or orchard?

Although you have never considered it, having an insect hotel is not an eccentricity. It might seem strange to you since, in general terms and when we think of insects, the first thing that comes to mind is discomfort. However, and beyond our own well-being, their presence in our environment is vital for the correct functioning of the different ecosystems. Insects are a fundamental piece for its balance, and they must be a real priority if we want to do our bit to take better care of the environment.

When we think about how to attract pollinating insects to the garden, we usually think only of bees. There is no doubt that they are the vital piece of our planet. However, they are not the only ones within the umbrella of pollinators. Beetles, ladybugs, butterflies, spiders or moths, among others, also actively collaborate in pollination. And yes: collaborating so that they have a refuge in which to protect themselves and nest is a good way to make our garden, terrace or orchard a more sustainable biodiverse space.

But beware: having this space destined to house insects does not only have a purpose of protecting nature. Added its presence in our garden or orchard brings important benefits that should be thoroughly known.


Let ‘s start by breaking down a recurring prejudice when it comes to an insect hotel. We tend to believe that having them nearby can be a problem in the enjoyment of the garden or orchard. In our minds, some of these insects are synonymous with exposing us to a bite. A myth that we must break, starting with an important aspect that has to do with the star insect of pollination: the bee. If one of them were to nest in our insect hotel, it would be a so-called lone bee. Some that not only do not form the classic honeycomb that we can imagine, but also are completely harmless to humans.

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A priori, the term insect hotel may seem completely foreign to us and generate doubts. It might seem to us that it is a complex installation and it is not: nothing is further from the truth. These types of structures made of wood recreate, in a certain way, the conditions that insects instinctively seek in nature to be safe and nest. They are made up of different cavities with a view to attracting different types of insects, since each one of them has its own needs. Pine cones will serve as shelter for ladybugs, holes in the wood will be home to solitary bees; while the elongated cavities will be perfect for beetles.

What is the purpose of this variety of spaces within the same structure? Simple: get a colony of beneficial insects that coexist in a balanced way.

Where to locate it, the key for it to have life

We might think that, once the insect house is in place, everything is done. However, for all that fauna that we want to attract to find it attractive and want to settle in it, it is essential to pamper where we place it.

Therefore, we will have to place it in a sunny space, protected from the wind and at a maximum of one and a half meters from the ground. This height will not only allow it to be sheltered from the rain: it will also help our fauna to have grass, flowers, crops and any other outdoor plants that we have in our space under their shelter.


Conserving the diversity of insects has become a crucial task to protect nature. According to data published by Greenpeace on the occasion of the celebration of the first World Bee Day, 40% of the invertebrate pollinators that inhabit the planet are threatened and are in danger of becoming extinct. Something that is largely due to deforestation but also to the use of pesticides and pesticides that are not respectful of our environment.

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But beyond collaborating consciously with sustainability, having an insect hotel in our garden, terrace or orchard also has important benefits for our natural space.

1. It favors the pollination of our plants and crops

The main reason to have a bug house! With its coming, going and fluttering in our plants; these small invertebrates will be carrying out their function of pollinating. Something that can not only improve the yield of garden crops but also has a direct and positive impact on our plants. If there are many insects pollinating, we can enjoy more flowers.

2. It has biological pest control work, a good reason to have an insect hotel

Knowing how to eliminate garden or orchard pests is a maxim of the spring and summer months. Something that can become a real headache, since if its presence is not detected in time it can ruin our plants or our crops. And, although the presence of these enemies is inevitable, it is possible to keep them at bay with the presence of an insect hotel.

Within this group of invertebrates, there is a good number of them that are omnivores and that find their food in these pests. Therefore, promoting their presence in our environment can be a natural and completely sustainable way of preventing their proliferation. One example: the aphid’s biggest predator is the ladybug, a regular inhabitant of insect hotels.

3. Promotes soil fertility, the great unknown

Something that we can apply to the garden but also to the plants in our garden. The presence of this fauna plays a crucial role in the richness of the soil.

Let us bear in mind that many of these invertebrates feed precisely on the remains and residues of our plants. Thus, decomposing leaves and fruits are their main banquet, and their droppings are a way of enhancing the diversity of nutrients.

4. It is a tool to teach the little ones

A fantastic opportunity to educate the little ones in the house! We usually encourage contact with nature, either with walks or gardening tasks for children that allow them to become familiar with the natural environment. Sometimes, we even consider how to create a garden for children with a view to making them understand the vegetable process of crops and have the responsibility of caring for them.

Well, in the same way, having a hotel for insects is a fantastic way for them to understand even more about the mechanics that govern nature. A simple way to draw their attention to all these invertebrates, and make them aware of their importance from childhood.

And now that you know all the benefits of having an insect hotel, do you dare to include it in your garden or orchard? You will not regret taking care of nature a little more!

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