Wolffia angusta, the smallest flower in the world but that does not go unnoticed

On our planet there are an infinity of plants of different kinds and flowers, but each with its care and its characteristics that make it unique. So this time there is a very special flower, since it is considered the smallest in the world. The Wolffia angusta also known as duckweed Australian water is within the genus of 11 species.

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Characteristics of the Wolffia angusta

It is a flower that measures only 0.6 high by 0.33 wide and the weight is about 0.15 g. It is a tiny aquatic plant , which belongs to the araceae family, that has a shiny texture, deep green or yellowish green with dark edges. The flower reproduces in a depression on the surface of the plant body, with stamen and pistil. Sometimes the flowers float in pairs or in plant mats. The fruits are orange, fig-shaped and have the same amount of protein as soybeans, making them a high source of dietary protein.

Wolffia angusta care

Plant that adapts to any type of light , from low to high. In addition, it is not demanding with the type of water, so it does not require much care.

For its reproduction it consists of male and female plants and, they multiply through flowering (they are phanerogams).

It is a very easy to maintain and fast propagating plant, so its only maintenance is to remove the excess to ensure that the desired light reaches the plants.

It can be used in aquariums, ponds or paludaries, but it should be noted that this variety is cold water.

Fun facts

  • Among its characteristics of this flower, the intense and glossy textured coating stands out, which makes it appear wet, but it is a special coating so that it can live in the habitat in which it is located.
  • Being an aquatic plant it does not have roots.
  • It produces very small fruits. The fruits are fig-shaped, orange in color and edible. Being a tiny size, you would have to collect a considerable amount to be able to have a normal-sized piece of fruit. Although it is normally eaten as a vegetable in much of Asia.

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