Zen plants that will bring you harmony in 2019

The beginning of each new year is an opportunity to start from scratch. To set ourselves new goals that make our lives better. For those who have put taking things more calmly on their list of resolutions, they cannot miss some authentic allies: zen plants. Some that will help us create that relaxing and calm environment that, even unconsciously, will contribute to making our lives more peaceful.

It is clear that the reasons for having plants and their benefits are known. But what is less known is that there are Zen plants with emotional, spiritual and even physical benefits. Some plants whose mere presence will allow us to have more harmonious and calm spaces. Either in our home or, why not?, as plants for the office.

So, if living more calmly is on your list of priorities for 2019, discover this selection of zen plants. A collection designed to find the ideal one for you, whatever the space in which you want to enjoy it.


In line with what Eastern philosophies promulgate, Zen plants help create a space with good energy. An invisible power that has a positive effect on the inhabitants of a certain place. For this reason and because plants brighten life and sight, including them in our own landscape can help us have a healthier space in all aspects.

But, before looking at Zen plants in detail, let’s pause. Choosing indoor plants should not be done lightly, if we do not want that function of giving us peace that they fulfill becomes stress. We mean that, when we opt for a certain plant, we have to be consistent with the space in which it will be. Temperature and lighting are two aspects that determine this choice. But we must add one more: the attention we are going to give it. If we are aware that we have little time, we will have to opt for resistant species. The best way for our plant to live, and its presence does not cause us a headache.

Bearing this in mind, we have grouped our proposal for zen plants into two large groups. A way to give you a clue when choosing the one that suits you best.

Zen plants for a low-light space

1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is one of the easiest Zen plants to grow. Learn more about its history and care here

Exotic, humble in appearance and simple in its care. The Lucky Bamboo or lucky bamboo is a root of oriental origin that has captivated the western world in recent years. And it does not lack reasons, beyond the fact that it is considered a plant that attracts positive energy. In addition to being highly resistant, we are talking about a plant that grows even in low light, although it can also do so in illuminated spaces. Something that also makes it one of the indoor plants to have in the bathroom.

The only precaution that we have to take in its cultivation is to maintain rigorous hygiene in the container in which it is. It is enough to clean it thoroughly every time we change the water.


One of the most popular zen plants in homes. Get this wonderful green plant in our Verdecora online store

One of the most popular green plants in homes and, interestingly enough, one of the perfect zen plants for anyone. And we say this because potho is an example of resistance. Although he is a lover of light, he lives without problems in a space with little light. But not only that: potho care does not entail any difficulty and only requires being careful with the water. Because, despite popular belief, it is a plant that needs the substrate to dry between watering and watering.

Little what it demands for what it gives us. And it is impossible not to surrender to its intensely green leaves with yellow touches.

3. Sanseviera

A perfect zen plant, extremely resistant and perfect for any space. Find out more about her care here

Its nickname says it all: the sanseviera is also called the indestructible. Something that gives us clues as to how resistant this green plant of tropical origin is. The care of the sanseviera is so simple that it seems unbelievable that it can survive with so little. Despite being a lover of light, it lives perfectly in spaces with little lighting. And the irrigation will not be among our concerns either: it is enough that it be sporadic.

Of course: if we want this delicacy of zen plants to succeed, we will have to ensure proper drainage. Its roots are extremely sensitive to excess water.

Zen plants for a space with good light

1. Monstera

One of the most beautiful green plants to have in any space. Get yours in our online store

It is one of the most beautiful green plants that exist. In addition to the intense green of its leaves, its characteristic shape decorates any space by itself. And not only that: seeing it climb through our space will give us that feeling of calm and tranquility that we are looking for when we bet on zen plants.

Monstera care is also not complicated. Yes, it is demanding when it comes to light, since it demands a lot of light. Let’s not confuse this with direct light, as the sun can burn its leaves. In addition, it does not require much watering either, but it does require a certain amount of humidity, especially in the hot months. For that time of year, nothing like spraying its leaves, and placing a separate low plate with stones from the pot. In this way, the water will not be in contact with the roots but it will keep them moist to the degree that they need.

2. Echeveria

Enjoy this beautiful succulent in your home. get it here

One of the easiest Zen plants to grow, making it perfect for beginners. It does not require much watering but it does require a lot of light, and we do not have to worry about its substrate. Being a plant native to desert climates, it does not need nutrients as other plants may require.

In addition, its variety of shapes and colors make it impossible not to find the most suitable one to achieve the Zen environment we are looking for.

3. Philodendron

An ideal plant for any bright and spacious environment. Find out more about your care

One of those zen plants with which, in addition, we will be able to give a tropical touch to any space. Growing well and upright, Philodendron is a lovely green plant that has another big draw: under the right conditions, it grows incredibly fast.

To achieve this and enjoy its climbing nature, it is necessary to know in depth the care of the philodendron.

4. Bonsai

Discover our selection of these quintessential zen plants

One of the most representative Zen plants, and not only for its appearance. Bonsai care is so unique and requires so much detail that it is perfect for those who find gardening an escape valve. A parenthesis to the madding crowd, to devote himself solely to cultivating this ancient oriental art.

Of course: they are not suitable for beginners in gardening, nor for those who do not have adequate space to grow these trees. But make no mistake: growing a bonsai is a wonderful challenge for any plant lover.

Do you have any of these zen plants in your house?

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