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Dracaena Bonsai Care: How to Train a Dracaena as a Bonsai

Dracenas are a large family of plants appreciated for their ability to grow indoors. While many gardeners are happy to keep their dracenas as houseplants, it is possible to make things much more interesting by training them as bonsais. Read on to learn more about forming a dracena as a bonsai.

How to make a Dracaena bonsai

The Dracaena marginata , commonly known as the Madagascar dragon tree or red-edged dracaena, is the most frequently formed species as a bonsai. In its natural habitat, they can grow up to 3.6 m high, but if they are kept in a small pot inside, they must remain small.

If you want to form a dracena as a bonsai, start by setting the plant aside in a pot in the sun. Over the course of several days, its branches should begin to grow towards the sunlight at a 90-degree angle to its previous growth. Once this process has begun, raise the pot and turn the plant every few days to encourage the branches to grow in the desired direction.

The lightweight wire can also be used to tie the branches together and give them the desired shape. The way in which bonsai dracaena is pruned depends on the desired shape of the plant. Cut the tall branches to obtain a low growing appearance, or cut the low leaves to obtain a taller, more wavy appearance.

Dracaena Bonsai Care

Dracaena plants behave remarkably well in low light conditions. Once you have given your plant the desired shape, move it out of direct light. Not only will the plant prefer this, but it will also slow its growth and help maintain a manageable size.

Water your plant about once a week, and maintain a high humidity level by placing your container in a shallow dish filled with water and pebbles.

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