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Fig care – How to grow a violin fig

You may have seen people growing fiddlehead figs in South Florida or in containers in well-lit offices or homes. The enormous green leaves of the fiddlehead figs give the plant a distinctly tropical appearance. If you plan to grow this plant yourself or if you want information on how to care for fiddleheads, read on.

What is a prickly pear?

So, what is a violin leaf? Fiddle-leaf figs ( Ficus lyrata ) are evergreen trees with huge green fiddle-shaped leaves. They can measure up to 15 cm (37 cm) long and 10 cm (25 cm) wide.

Native to African tropical forests, they only grow outdoors in warmer climates, such as U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Resistance Zones 10b and 11. The only places to start growing fiddleheads outdoors in the United States are the coastal areas of southern Florida and southern California.

How to grow a fiberglass fig outside

Even if you live in a very hot area, you may not want to get into the business of growing fiddlehead figs. The trees grow up to 15 meters tall. (50 feet) high, with a slightly smaller spread. The trunks are several feet thick. This may be too big for small gardens.

If you decide to go ahead, plant your fiddlehead fig trees in a sunny spot protected from the wind. This will increase the longevity of the tree.

Another step you can take to keep the tree alive longer is to prune it early and often. Remove branches with tight crotches, as they can break during storms and put the tree at risk.

How to grow a broadleaf fig tree indoors

In cooler climates, you can start growing fiddlehead ferns as attractive container plants. Use a pot and soil that provides excellent drainage, as these trees will not survive in wet soil. Place it in a place where it will be exposed to strong indirect light.

Proper care of fiddleheads includes plenty of water, but the worst thing you can do with fiddleheads is over-watering them. Do not add water until the first inch of soil is dry to the touch.

If you start growing container grown fiddlehead figs, you will need to replant them every year. Increase the size of the pot when you see the roots emerging from the pot.

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