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How to prune an African violet plant

The African violet is one of our most common and beloved houseplants. It is very easy to care for and has a charm of fluffy leaves combined with soft flowers. Pruning the African violet is an important care ritual that keeps the plant’s appeal. Pruning the African violet does not require scissors or pruning shears, but a pair of skilled hands. Below are some tips on how to prune an African violet and keep your small plant at its best.

About the size of the African violet

African violets are a bit old-fashioned, but they are still one of the most popular houseplants. With their softly furry leaves, brightly coloured flowers and small size, they can be nested in any moderately bright spot in the house. One of the easiest tasks that help the plant reach perfection is pruning African violets. This is a relatively simple task that requires only a little finesse, but no real skill or timing.

When talking about pruning, it is easy to imagine a tree or bush and a large cut leaf

tools. These tools have nothing to do with cutting African violets, whose flexible stems respond well to lighter means. All that is needed is a moderately useful nail or a pair of fine-tipped scissors.

When an African violet is cut, the purpose is simply to remove dead or damaged leaves and worn flowers. It is strictly a beauty regime that also allows the new shoots to get more light and air. You can cut an African violet at any time of the year, contrary to the pruning rules of many other types of plants.

How to prune an African violet

To maintain the plant in its healthiest state, three or more lower leaves should be removed each month. The plant regularly produces leaves, which balances the appearance of the violet while leaving room for new leaves.

Remove used flowers as they are produced. This will encourage the growth of new flowers, as the plant should not direct energy to the old flowers. It also improves the appearance of the plant and promotes air circulation.

Using the index finger and thumb to pinch the leaf or flower is one way to prune African violets. You can also use sterile scissors. Remove the plant material as close to the base as possible without cutting the main stem.

Basal leaf size premium

African violets are very tolerant plants and do not mind removing a few healthy basal leaves while striving to get the best possible appearance from the plant. Even better, these leaves are useful for launching new African violets.

Fill a small pot with well-drained and moistened African violet soil and insert the leaf stalk in the middle. You can also root the leaf in water. Use toothpicks to rest the leaf itself on the water. In a few months you will have many new leaves and the plant will soon start producing these attractive flowers.

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