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Pink anthurium

Anthurium Rosa, general information

Anthurium Rosa is a semi-hedging plant belonging to the Araceae family and coming from tropical and sub tropical areas. In nature there are different types of Anthurium, the most common and known are: the Scherzerianum, the Cristallinum, the Veitchii and the Andreanum, which is certainly the best known. Its name derives from the Greek, like most plants. Its peculiarity lies in the leaves, heart-shaped and dark green in color, and in the flowers, composed of two parts: the spathe and the spadix. The spathe, which wraps the spadix, gives color to the flower (red, pink, orange, white, green, purple) while the spadix, wrapped in the spathe, is nothing more than a set of tiny flowers that form a panicle of color yellow-white.

Anthurium Rosa, care

Anthurium Rosa is a plant that adapts very well to growing in the apartment; it needs a very bright position even though it cannot bear direct sunlight well, which can cause burns to the leaves. Being a plant of tropical origin, it does not like dry environments or cold drafts or sudden changes in temperature. On the contrary, it needs constant humidity, so it should be watered frequently, preferably with warm and demineralized water, while trying to avoid water stagnation that could lead to root rot or other diseases. To avoid risks, where possible, it is advisable to place pebbles or expanded clay on the bottom of the pot to ensure that the roots do not remain in direct contact with water for a long time and at the same time receive the right humidity.

Anthuirum, diseases and parasites

Most of the Anthuirum Rosa diseases are due to irregular watering or incorrect exposure to sunlight. For example, if the leaves begin to turn yellow, it means that the plant is not receiving enough water or, on the contrary, it is receiving too much, or that there have been sudden changes in temperature or cold drafts. If the plant does not bloom, it means that the light is not enough or that the plant is missing something; then proceed with fertilization using liquid fertilizer for flowering plants to be mixed with normal irrigation water. The most common parasites are scale insects, which cause burns or the presence of cotton-like wads on the leaves or aphids; treat the plant with anti-mite or anti-aphid products.

Pink Anthurium: Pink Anthurium, language of flowers

In addition to being extremely ornamental plants and sought after for their beauty and the elegance they give to the interior furnishings, Anthuriums have a very important meaning in the language of flowers, especially for lovers. In fact, since ancient times, man has always expressed his feelings through plants and flowers, representing them thanks to them, their beauty and their particularity; that’s why, not surprisingly, one of the most donated plants is Anthurium. In fact, it is linked to the feelings of love and friendship and represents the ideal gift for those who want to express a strong feeling; moreover, its flowers, especially the red ones, are considered by many to be Cupid’s arrows.

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