• Photo of Succulents favors

    Succulents favors

    Why choose succulents as wedding favors The choice of wedding favors is remembered by all as one of the most…

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  • Photo of Watering succulents

    Watering succulents

    When to water Succulents are mostly native to very arid climates, where exposure to high temperatures is frequent and drought…

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  • Photo of Aeonium


    When and how much to water aeonium plants The succulent plants belonging to the genus called Aeonium are native to…

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  • Photo of Aloe vera for weight loss

    Aloe vera for weight loss

    What is Aloe Vera As you may have noticed, Aloe Vera has made its way in recent times as a…

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  • Photo of Water succulents

    Water succulents

    Watering succulents: guide to take care of them better Plants are living beings and as such they need care and…

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  • Photo of The Crassula

    The Crassula

    Watering of the crassula The crassula occurs in more than 300 different types, but is usually erect or bushy or…

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  • Photo of The mesembriantemo

    The mesembriantemo

    Water the mesembriantemo The mesembriantemo has a good water requirement. Cultivation should be started keeping the soil well wet during…

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  • Photo of Sedum


    Variety of sedum Sedum is a succulent plant widespread mainly in the southern hemisphere with extremely varied characteristics: under this…

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  • Photo of Succulents types

    Succulents types

    Types of succulents Before proceeding with the description of the main families of succulents, it is necessary to describe what…

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  • Photo of Aloe contraindications

    Aloe contraindications

    Two words about Aloe Vera Aloe Vera, also known as Aloe Barbadensis Miller, is one of the most used plants,…

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