Aloe Vera for Osteoporosis

If you are reading these lines, we do not need to talk to you about Osteoporosis in depth since it is certain that if you are looking for a natural remedy for this disease, it is because you have tried everything and you know very well what you suffer from. However, we must start with a small definition in order to put ourselves in a position to understand the benefits of aloe vera or aloe vera.

Aloe vera regenerator of bone mass

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the bones and is caused by the reduction of the tissue that forms it, making the bone less resistant and more fragile than normal.

That said, the ideal for a disease that decreases the amount of bone tissue and its mass, we need «something» that regenerates that lost bone mass and this is where aloe vera comes into action, since it is a natural regenerator of bone mass helping our body to absorb large amounts of calcium in addition to providing essential vitamins.

Therefore, just as Osteoporosis affects us chronically, we must include Aloe Vera Juice in our diet on a regular basis, if possible, daily.

Treatment of osteoporosis with aloe vera

It seems obvious that for a treatment against osteoporosis we need to ingest calcium since the loss of this is the main cause of the appearance of osteoporosis, therefore it will be necessary to eat foods rich in this precious mineral or supplements although, of course, it is recommended the natural:

  • Dairy:  milk, yogurts and cheese.
  • Vegetables:  most of the green leafy ones like spinach, watercress, broccoli or chard.
  • Fish:  sardines, fried anchovies (with bones), anchovies.
  • Legumes:  chickpeas or soybeans.
  • Nuts:  especially hazelnuts and almonds, but also pistachios, peanuts or walnuts.
  • Seafood:  prawns, prawns and crayfish.
  • Fruits:  cherries, figs.
  • Algae:  iziki or wakame.

Here are the links to amazon of two pure aloe vera juices with a great value for money (Remember that it is much better to drink the juice from our own plants): 

  • Aloe Vera Succo 1000Ml Esi Ofs
  • Sotya Aloe Vera Juice

People with a history of weaker bones should consume about 1,000 milligrams per day, increasing to 1,500 mg per day around the time of menopause.

However, most people forget that the cause of calcium loss is not a lack of calcium intake, but an inability to absorb it. This is where the fantastic thing about aloe vera comes in in the treatment of osteoporosis, because aloe vera acts as a regenerator of bone mass, helping to absorb greater amounts of calcium and providing vitamins.

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