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Why is the cyclamen falling down? How to revive a fallen cyclamen

Cyclamen are common flowering plants, but there are also species native to North America that are found in the wild. The plants are excellent specimens for use in garden pots or flower beds and can even thrive and bloom for months indoors. However, cyclamen plants have an interesting life cycle and some needs to perform better. Without proper care, fallen cyclamen plants are common. Learn the causes and how to revive a fallen cyclamen.

Why did the Cyclamen fall?

Leaves that fall into cyclamen can be the result of a natural process. The plants start growing again in autumn and develop actively in winter. When the heat of summer appears, the plants slowly die and there will finally be no sign that they were ever there. This process is natural and can lead to the fall of cyclamen leaves. Wait until fall and see if you can’t find it back for its spring yield.
Cyclamen flower fall can also be due to growing conditions and can be easily corrected. Cyclamen prefers Mediterranean climates and does not tolerate excessive heat or cold. The best temperatures are mild and moderate. Cyclamen leaf drop is a common symptom of heat or cold stress.
The plant also prefers bright but indirect light. Plants located in a southern window or in a warm part of the garden may suffer and indicate their distress by falling.
Fallen cyclamen flowers occur when a plant has too much water. Cyclamen prefers moist soil but not swampy conditions. If you plant in soil, make sure it filters well; if not, add a little sand to improve drainage. Potted plants should also have well-drained soil and several holes in the bottom of the pot.
Plants that are kept too wet will develop drooping leaves and crown rot. The plant core is then invaded by a fungal disease and causes the plant to die. Cyclones respond well to extra moisture and like to have their leaves sprayed, but provide good ventilation so that the leaves can dry out quickly.
Most insects are not a problem, but if you detect sucking insects, such as aphids, control them quickly with horticultural soap.

How to revive a fallen cyclamen

Cyclones forgive crop failures as long as the poor are not drowned. A diseased cyclamen in a container may simply need new soil to be planted. The plant rises from the tubers and the tubers in the swampy soil sink into the water and develop soft spots.
Remove the plant from the soil and rinse the tubers. Check that each one is not damaged and separate those with weak spots or discoloration. Use fresh, sterile soil and replant the tubers by burying them halfway along their length. Keep the soil moist and in a cool place with indirect lighting.
Dormant cyclones need slightly less water than when they are actively growing. Increase the amount of water from late winter to early spring. Use ¼ teaspoon per gallon of houseplant food every time you water from late winter until the plant begins to stop flowering. Stop fertilizing during the dormant phase.

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