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Cyclamen yellow leaves

Cyclamen: general characteristics

Cyclamen is a plant belonging to the Primulaceae family. These are plants generally cultivated for ornamental purposes, spread throughout the Mediterranean basin, in western Asia, in boreal Africa and also in the southern part of the European continent. They can grow spontaneously in shady woods, in beech, chestnut and even holm oaks. The name, which derives from the Greek, seems to refer to the roots, tuberous and rounded. This flower is a very small herbaceous and bushy plant. The roots are secondary and develop from a bulbous heart. The leaves are only of the basal type and are characterized by a difference in the colors of the upper and lower page: the first in fact has white streaks, the second with red veins.

Cyclamen with yellow leaves: causes

Cyclamen is a very beautiful but also very delicate plant, which can run into various problems and diseases. It may happen that although we believe we are giving it all the necessary care, our specimen begins to develop yellow leaves. But what are the main causes of yellowing of the foliage?

Especially if the specimen is kept at home or in an apartment, the factors that contribute to the yellow color are certainly environmental. One of the reasons could in fact concern the location of the plant in an environment with excessively high temperatures, or its exposure to direct sunlight, which this delicate flower does not tolerate. The second reason concerns watering: a cyclamen with yellow leaves, in fact, may have been irrigated too frequently and abundantly.

Cyclamen with yellow leaves: prevention and treatment

But how to prevent the onset of yellow leaves in cyclamen? And how to behave in the presence of variously diffused yellow lights? First of all, prevention first of all passes through an appropriate placement of the plant. In fact, it is necessary to prefer half-shade locations or in any case places where sunlight is filtered. Secondly, remember that watering must never be excessive and must only be done when the soil is completely dry. In the event that we have not followed these rules and the plant has already developed yellow foliage, it is necessary to act in this way: it is necessary to remove the yellowed leavesslightly twisting the stem and then detaching it. At this point the plant must be repotted. However, remember that in the rest period, more or less in April, the foliage naturally yellow.

Cyclamen yellow leaves: Cyclamen cultivation

Remember that a large part of the health of our cyclamen depends on an adequate cultural technique, and on the amount of care we are willing to give it. It will therefore not seem superfluous to provide some information in this regard. First of all, remember that it is good, especially if we want to keep the plant in our apartment, to buy it in the autumn period: that is, when the temperatures are cooler. The optimum temperature for this species is between twelve and eighteen degrees centigrade. When the plant is repotted, water moderately and immediately discard the non-reabsorbed water. To ensure optimal development of the plant it is recommended to fertilize it at least once a week in the initial period. Finally, it would be preferable to clean the leaves regularly with a cloth and remove the dry ones.

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