Convallaria japonica nana

How to water

Convallaria japonica nana is a small evergreen plant that adapts fantastically to situations of total shade, under large trees including firs and conifers. Suitable for planting gardens and flower beds, it is the ground cover plant suitable for those places where other species would not be able to survive. However, to cultivate the Convallaria japonica nana and make the foliage dense after its planting, some precautions are necessary, especially regarding irrigation. To water the Convallaria japonica nana correctly, it is essential to keep in mind that it loves the natural humidity of the soil and in the atmosphere that it absorbs in the quantity necessary for its sustenance. Therefore it is advisable to irrigate the plants of Convallaria japonica nana with the slow dripping system,

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Cultivating the Convallaria japonica nana to obtain a turf or to enrich the flowering borders, is the ideal solution in light of the fact that under large trees and in very shady situations, grasses or other ornamental species would struggle to survive. However it is necessary to keep in mind a very important aspect, the Convallaria japonica nana cannot be walked on, if not occasionally. Basically it is possible to walk over the plants for the normal maintenance of the garden, but it is not advisable to stop there for a long time, trample hard or arrange the turf in Convallaria japonica nana in areas used for play or subject to continuous walking. If on the one hand the convenience of the lawn in Convallaria lies precisely in the fact that it does not have to be mowed,


To obtain a continuous and luxuriant growth of the Convallaria japonica nana, it is essential to prepare the soil well before planting the small plants. It is necessary to fertilize the Convallaria japonica nana by preparing a mixture composed of leaves, mature manure and sand, to keep the soil oxygenated and light. For a uniform coverage of the area it is necessary to calculate that each plant must be buried 15/20 centimeters from each other. This graceful ground cover plant must be allowed to grow freely, so that each rhizome spreads its head and thickens until it reaches the neighboring one. Afterwards, once you get a uniform effect, after the plants have emitted the small berries,

Convallaria japonica nana: Diseases and remedies

Convallaria japonica nana is a rather robust plant that does not require special care, however pathologies can occur mainly linked to errors during its cultivation. After a few years from planting, it can happen that the leaves turn yellow and the plants are asphyxiated, a clear symptom of suffocation, caused by having planted the plants too closely or by not having carried out the thinning of the tufts. To avoid these diseases of Convallaria japonica it is advisable to perform foliage thinning operations. Among the diseases of Convallaria japonica nana there are the sufferings linked to root rot, caused by too much irrigation and water stagnation, perhaps due to too impermeable and poorly draining soils. The plant is dark and with the passing of time dies and dries up. The remedy is to remove the diseased plants and weed the soil, adding sand to the soil, possibly spraying the plants with the appropriate antifungal products.

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