Lemon meyer

Meyer lemon origins and characteristics

The botanical name of the meyer lemon is Citrus Lemon Meyer: it is an evergreen shrub born from the cross between a lemon and a sweet orange. In reality, it is not a laboratory experiment, but a species born naturally and discovered at the beginning of the 20th century in China. It is a very beautiful plant to look at, in fact it is also cultivated only for decorative purposes; however, its fruits are precious and should not be underestimated: they are very similar to normal lemons in their shape, but the color instead recalls that of orange. They have a thin skin, are edible and are also very good because, unlike the lemons that everyone knows, these are much sweeter and do not have that characteristic sour taste. Another positive peculiarity is the production of flowers and fruits, which is continuous, throughout the year: the flowers are showy,

meyer lemon grown in pots» width=»745″ height=»496″ longdesc=»/giardino/piante-da-giardino/limone-meyer.asp»>The meyer lemon is a shrub that does not develop very much in width, while in height it reaches a maximum of four meters. It is therefore suitable for growing in the ground, as a single specimen or perhaps to form colorful and lively hedges, or in a vase; as with many fruit plants, the best time to plant it is spring. The meyer lemon prefers sunny positions, but does not tolerate too high temperatures, nor too low temperatures: its optimal climate is mild, so if we grow it in pots in winter it is better to shelter it, especially if there is a risk of frosts nocturnal. If, on the other hand, we grow it on the ground, when the plant is still young it must still be covered with a specific fabric. The ideal soil for this lemon is always humid but always free from stagnant water.

Lemon meyer cure

The meyer lemon should be watered very often only when it is still a young plant, or when it is grown in pots. Otherwise the irrigations must be sporadic, more frequent only in the case in which there is a scorching heat in summer. To grow it in pots, remember to choose a container that is not too large for the size of the plant: the soil must be prepared with peat, humus and a little sand to help drain excess water. Every four years it is necessary to change pots to allow the plant to regenerate. Like all other citrus fruits, even the meyer lemon is often the subject of attacks from parts of cochineal, red spiders and white flies: the plant should always be kept an eye on because in case of attack it is necessary to intervene with a specific product, which is not however too aggressive,

Lemon meyer curiosity

The meyer lemon is a natural hybrid born in China but was discovered and especially exported abroad by the botanist Frank Nicholas Meyer: he was an employee of the American Ministry of Agriculture and was sent to Asia to collect samples of unknown species overseas, including fruit plants, very fashionable in that period. Thus it was that in 1908 he brought to the United States a specimen of this particular lemon, which immediately aroused great interest and spread rapidly, both as a plant to be cultivated and as a fruit to eat. In the States this citrus fruit has become a prized ingredient, used by the most famous chefs in the country to make creams and desserts above all. In China, on the other hand, the meyer lemon is used mostly for ornamental purposes, because in any case it is a beautiful plant, colorful and fragrant all year round.

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