Pomelia plant

Main features

The pomelia plant is a plant species native to the American tropical belt but some species have been brought to other countries characterized by a tropical climate such as Hawaii and have naturalized.The plumeria are shrubs that can reach considerable dimensions. They can have deciduous or persistent leaves and, over the years, the stem tends to become woody.They are not very branched and the leaves are characterized by a lanceolate shape and a very intense green color that in some varieties becomes more tenuous. similar to those of oleander. They have an intense aroma and are grouped in terminal buds. The flowers have five or seven petals of a color ranging from pink to cream, from yellow to red.


The plumeria must be fertilized every two or three weeks during the summer with a liquid fertilizer to be diluted in the irrigation water. This is the only way to be sure of giving the plant all the elements it needs to grow and develop its fragrant flowers. Instead, in autumn as well as in winter, it is advisable to avoid providing further nourishment to the plants because they are in total vegetative rest and do not absorb many substances from the soil. To ensure good flowering for the pomelia , it is better to provide the plant with a well balanced fertilizer based on phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium in the first spring warmth. By doing this you can be sure that your frangipani is not lacking any nutrients and presents prosperous blooms.

Cultivation of pomelia

The pomelia plant needs to be placed in an area exposed to the sun but sheltered from both intense winds and excessive humidity. During the winter season it is necessary to protect it from temperatures below 15 ° C with non-woven fabric sheets. Potted plants can be placed in greenhouses or in apartments. The most suitable soil is the universal one added to inert and porous material such as river sand. Watering must be moderate and regular as the roots rot very easily due to significant stagnation of water. In the driest and hottest periods of the year it is advisable to spray water over the hair at least once a day after sunset.

Pomelia plant: Pests and diseases

The pomelia plant in our latitudes is easily attacked by numerous parasites as well as by diseases of various kinds.The scale insects violently attack both the branches and the flowers. They cover the affected parts with crusts consisting of multilayered follicles. To solve the problem it is necessary to resort to specific insecticides because the broad spectrum ones have little effectiveness in fighting cochineal. Even the whitefly has the ability to infest the leaves in previous times with numerous colonies and can be defeated with phytosanitary products available at agricultural consortia.Among the most dangerous insects for pomelia there are also red spiders. They cause whitish spots which then cause the death of the entire leaf blade.

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