Starry magnolia

How to irrigate

As for the irrigation of the Magnolia Stellata, a distinction must be made for plants grown in pots and those grown in the ground. The latter, in fact, do not need to be irrigated and are satisfied simply with rainwater. The Magnolia Stellata grown in pots, on the other hand, should be watered about once every 2 or 3 weeks. Before proceeding with a new wetting it is necessary to carefully check the substrate. If it is still wet, it is not recommended to proceed with irrigation in order to avoid the formation of water stagnations that would submerge and asphyxiate the root system of the plant. Consequently this would lead to the formation of root rot which can lead the Magnolia Stellata even to death.

How to cure it

Magnolia Stellata is a plant that loves a sunny exposure. It is essential that she can enjoy direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day in order to obtain copious flowering. Furthermore, this plant is very resistant even at low temperatures and manages to survive even when it is in an environment at 0 ° C. Even the sultry heat does not harm the Magnolia Stellata and, therefore, it is not necessary to take special precautions depending on the season. As for the multiplication, it is possible to proceed by seed in autumn or semi-woody cutting in summer. The new seedlings must be kept in a special container for 2 or 3 years before being planted. The plant does not need pruning, it is rather recommended to cut dry or damaged branches at the end of the

How to fertilize

The fertilization of Magnolia Stellata must take place during two particular seasons. In winter, it is necessary to spread mature manure or slow release granular fertilizer at the foot of the plant. With the arrival of spring it is good to proceed about once a month by providing our Magnolia Stellata with a liquid fertilizer that will be diluted with irrigation water in slightly lower doses than what is stated on the package. This fertilizer must contain mainly nitrogen and potassium. As for the soil, it must be fresh and rather well draining and for plants grown in pots it must be renewed about once every 2 or 3 years in order to provide Magnolia Stellata again with a good amount of organic substances.

Magnolia stellata: Diseases

Magnolia Stellata can be affected by both some parasites and molds. Among the parasites that can infest the plant we find aphids, or plant lice. If their presence is found, it is necessary to proceed with special pesticides. Furthermore, Magnolia Stella can be attacked by gray mold or Botrytis. This mold manifests itself in the form of greyish spots that tend to expand more and more along the entire plant. Here too, it is good to proceed by using specific products. Other types of diseases can be caused by bad ways of growing Star Magnolia. If you irrigate excessively, for example, it is possible to submerge the roots and generate root rot which also leads to the death of the plant itself.

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