Tips and care for growing a mandarin tree in a pot

There are many fruit trees that can be grown in a pot and thus decorate both exteriors and interiors of a home. In this article we will talk about how to grow a mandarin tree in a suitable pot, so if you love this fruit you will learn how to take care of it and many more tips.

Growing a Mandarin Tree: What Kind of Pot to Use?

Choosing the correct pot is a point in our favor, so that the tree grows strong and develops in perfect condition. To maintain a fruit tree, we must choose a pot of great depth and large size . Remember that the root of a tree is not the same as that of a smaller plant.

If we choose a small pot to grow a tree, we run the risk of drowning its roots as they grow. Remember that the roots, as they expand, have to breathe. In this way we will prevent the tree from dying before its final development.

If by mistake or lack of information you have not been able to grow your mandarin tree in a large pot, we can always transplant said tree but we run the risk of damaging its roots. However, certain death or minor development can be done and avoided.

It really does not matter if your fruit tree is dwarf or large, the important thing is to choose a very large pot first thing. This way we will avoid having to transplant it later , unless we already have a lot of practice.

As I have already mentioned, the pot must be large and deep, but it must also contain a good drainage system so that the irrigation water does not stagnate and rot the roots.

What is the best soil to plant your mandarin tree?

Like the pot and other things like watering, pruning and other care, it is very important to use the most suitable soil for your plant. Remember that this land is where it will develop in the future.

The best soil to grow a good mandarin must always be fertilized both in hot seasons such as spring or summer, as well as in winter and autumn. Only certain differences are needed, for example we will use soil with a fertilizer richer in nitrogen in summer, while in winter and autumn it must be richer in potassium, zinc, iron and magnesium.

The vitamins and minerals make the plants grow much stronger and very vigorous, leaving a wonderful fruit in flower seasons. We have to get resistant and strong plants so that they are well attached to the ground and last a long time.

Growing a mandarin tree: let’s not neglect watering

As with all plants, irrigation is extremely important for the vitality of the mandarin. This tree in pot or in the ground must be watered differently in each season. We should always avoid flooding because if the soil is damp it is not necessary to water again , we must not drown the plant or its roots will end up rotting and dying.

In spring and summer the watering must be constant, especially if it is very hot in your area. Obviously we should not drown it, but we have to be more careful so that the soil does not dry out and the plant ends up equally dead.

What is the most suitable temperature and lighting?

It is essential to control these two fields, so that our plant grows healthy, strong and develops perfectly. For this, our fruit tree in hot seasons will focus on watering and little else because the temperature will be adequate, these plants need sun and a good temperature.

But mandarins do not bear the cold well and even less frost, as they are quite treacherous. Therefore in winter we have to protect them from low temperatures and frostbite. If we protect them well inside a greenhouse, inside the house, adding a tarp or plastic carefully, it will be able to survive the cold.

In summer it is good that they enjoy sunbathing, which winter has not been able to provide them in a regular way. Mandarins need a great contribution of sunlight, practically throughout the year. If sunlight does not enter your garden or home, we must grow the mandarin in a greenhouse or manage it in another way. Perhaps no sunlight enters, but if a lot of lighting this will make the tree not grow so much and its fruits are not so tasty, but it will give something.

The mandarin needs lighting and sun all year round for its growth. If there is hardly any sun in your place of residence and there is too much left over, we can forget about growing this precious plant. 

Growing a mandarin tree: how to prune our plant

We already know the importance of pruning in any of our plants, as this way we rid them of pests and other diseases. In addition, with pruning we help them grow faster, stronger and healthier. Don’t forget to prune your tree from time to time.

Like any other plant, fruit trees planted in pots must also be pruned. We must know that pruning does not have to be done regularly in citrus plants. The perfect date to prune our mandarin is at the beginning of spring in which we will prune the new shoots so that the plant grows much more leafy.

As we have seen, growing a mandarin tree is not that complicated. Let’s remember the basics a bit: a large, deep pot with a good drainage system; great sun baths, good watering as long as we don’t drown the plant; a good pruning and fertilize throughout the year respecting the winter-autumn and spring-summer seasons.

In addition to being precious ornamental trees that serve to decorate terraces, patios, gardens and any other outdoor space , they also serve to decorate interiors where the sun shines.

But in addition to using them in an ornamental way, we will also use them to harvest their fruits and take advantage of them in the kitchen. Tangerines are great and delicious fruits. Also remember that we can plant other types of fruit trees, dwarf or not. 

How about growing a mandarin tree in a pot? Where do you have your mandarin placed?  Have you ever thought about growing a dwarf fruit tree in your home ?

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