Balcony greenhouses models

Space problems: balcony greenhouses are the solution

When you do not have a large enough garden or terrace and you do not want to give up the passion for cultivation, you can use the balcony for this purpose. Often the balcony is an absolutely underestimated space and is rarely used to the fullest. Yet it offers the great opportunity to transform the house into the accommodation of a splendid mini greenhouse, which allows anyone to easily grow flowers, seedlings and even medicinal plants to use in the kitchen. The only disadvantage of using the balcony in this sense lies in the fact that if the balcony is very small you risk making it unlivable for other purposes, however the advantages far outweigh this fact. A balcony greenhouse allows you to keep at home not only the passion for plants,

DIY balcony greenhouse

If in addition to the green thumb you also have the genius of DIY, it is possible to build a small balcony greenhouse by hand, without spending too much money. Do-it-yourself also has the great advantage, in addition to the personal satisfaction of producing something with your own hands, of allowing you to make the most of the space you have available. The problem of space on a balcony is probably the main limitation that can be encountered when designing the greenhouse. With the DIY you can build the greenhouse based first of all on the available sizes, in order to fully exploit every inch of the balcony. In this way, in addition to the choice of materials, the spatial obstacle that industrial models often do not allow to overcome easily due to standardized measurements is easily overcome.

Vertical greenhouses: the balcony turns into a hanging garden

Since the balconies are often not perfectly illuminated, perhaps due to the buildings opposite that cover the sunlight, reducing the number of hours of insolation even drastically, a greenhouse developed vertically rather than horizontally is generally the best solution for which you can opt. In fact, a vertical greenhouse allows you to make the most of every minute of light during the day; once hit by the sun the greenhouse will certainly do its job and the temperature will still be higher than the outside one, favoring the cultivation of all types of plants even in the middle of winter. A vertical greenhouse also allows you to make the most of the light, which hits the greenhouse more easily. If the greenhouse remains low, sunlight will reach it with greater difficulty,

Balcony greenhouse models: Fantasy in balcony greenhouses

Since balcony greenhouses will host colorful plants, they can also be considered as real furnishing elements. Even when they are very small they can become the aesthetic center of the balcony, drawing attention with their grace combined with impeccable functionality. Also in this case of course it is possible to do it yourself, but in terms of design there are numerous possibilities to find the perfect garden greenhouse for our tastes and needs. The offer is very varied and ranges from an ultra-modern look to a more bucolic and ancient design, which goes well with the plants that will be placed inside. A greenhouse chosen for its aesthetics generally does not allow you to grow large quantities of plants,

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