Bcs two-wheel tractors

BCS two-wheel tractor

What is a walking tractor? Most people think of an agricultural machine with a cutter connected at the rear, possibly even a plow. Today, however, things are very different, in its essence the cultivator is a multifaceted machine that was born for the milling of the land, but is able to perform a lot of other functions, with the right combinations with other equipment. The BCS walking tractor is no exception and it too is produced with this new concept. It has many characteristics that we could summarize with the presence of the quick reverse direction of travel, with the differential lock, with the handlebars mounted on a device capable of absorbing the vibrations produced by the machine body and reversible at 180 °, the quick couplings and without equipment keys,

BCS two-wheel tractors

BCS walking tractors are modern in concept and structure. In the structure with the technique and materials that lead them to be at the top in their category and in the concept because they are able to lend a hand in a series of operations that involve all months of the year. It starts in spring, with the milling that prepares the land for sowing. The two-wheel tractors can mount cutters of different sizes going from 46 cm in width of the smaller versions to 85 of the larger ones, combined with the power of the engines, of course. Engines which, depending on the version, deliver power from a minimum of 3.6 Kw (4.8 Hp) to a maximum of 9 Kw (12.2 Hp) and are supplied in diesel or petrol versions, again depending on the template. The furrow plow is of great use,

BCS walking tractors tools

If you have not proceeded with the autumn plowing and would like to speed up the operations, the Grounblaster is available, which is the rotary plow: with it the problem of plowing and subsequent milling is solved, because this tool performs the two tasks simultaneously and with a single pass leaves the soil ready for sowing. The peculiarities of the BCS walking tractors continue and in the summer they can be used whenever it is necessary to intervene against weeds, perhaps with a light milling. If, on the other hand, the need is to intervene on an uncultivated land or in a meadow, just rotate the handlebars 180 °, hook the cutter bar and the vehicle is ready to operate. The coupling is facilitated if you have opted for the optional quick couplings that are standard on the 750 series vehicles.

Bcs two-wheel tractors: The two-wheel tractor, modern transformer

Specific tools are available to work on uncultivated grounds such as mulchers and Bladerunners, single-rotor mowers with movable blades. The flail mowers are available in the single version, single blade, 80 cm wide. While the Bladerunners are available in 60, 75, 90 and 110 cm wide versions, equipped with «Y» section knives, they are able to pulverize shrubs and brambles. For those who own a garden, it is sufficient to connect the lawnmower, in the 56 cm single blade or 100 cm wide double blade versions and, if desired, with the grass collection basket. In autumn it will be time for plowing, with the single share or reversible plow, depending on individual needs. The dry leaves that dirty paths and pitches can be removed with the mechanical sweeper and in the winter, to get rid of the snow,

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